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TSC to Invite Top Five Applicants Only for 2023 Recruitment Interviews. Check Dates and Venues Below

TSC to Invite Top Five Applicants Only for 2023 Recruitment Interviews. Check Dates and Venues Below

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TSC to Invite Top Five Applicants Only for 2023 Recruitment Interviews. Check the Dates and Venues Below


TSC News Today: Only the top five applicants will get formal invitations to attend the 2023 TSC recruitment interviews in January.

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The top five applicants per subject combination and pchool will fill the 35,550  advertised TSC recruitment vacancies and will be posted to primary, junior secondary schools ,and secondary schools by January 23, 2023 ,the official school reopening date. Here is the TSC recruitment roadmap for January 2023.

The TSC interview dates for January 2023 TSC recruitment have been set for Thursday ,January 5, 2023 ,and Wednesday January 11, 2023.

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has disclosed that they will give preference to teachers who have been jobless for the longest duration of time since graduating in the ongoing recruiting exercise.

Interns at secondary schools will automatically be hired to teach in junior secondary schools in the new academic year starting on January 23.

“Teachers who graduated in 2010 or earlier and are currently unemployed will automatically receive a score of 60%, according to TSC.” For their “length of stay since qualifying as a teacher,” individuals who graduated this year and last year will receive a score of 5%. These guidelines will apply to teachers who will be assigned to both primary and secondary schools.

The number of candidates who will be invited for interviews during the employment exercise is another topic of discussion that is made evident in the score sheet. The score sheet has now given the county selection panel authority to limit invitations of candidates to the top five applicants on the merit list for the mass recruiting of 2023. This will prevent the unnecessary crowd that is typically present during recruitment exercises.



The panel will invite the next five best candidates for interviews, which will then be rescheduled, if none of the top five applicants match the requirements.

This complies with the recruitment criteria established by the Commission for teachers, which will be followed as the Commission hires 35,000 teachers.



Academic performance will also be taken into consideration, with those who obtained a first-class honors degree getting 35%, second-class teachers garnering 30%, and those who received a pass acquiring 25% for a degree course. An individual receives 30% for a distinction, 25% for a credit, and 20% for a pass for diploma holders.

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Additionally, communication skills will count for up to 5% of the final mark.

To obtain the extra 5 marks and gain an advantage over the other applicants, you must do the following:

(a) Communication Skills

To begin, you must answer all required questions while avoiding the use of slang language. Always remember to be real.
Present your views clearly, be heard, and do not close your eyes while doing so.

(b) Bring the following documents with you to your interview:

  • A participation certificate if you participated in co-curricular activities while teaching.
  • Examination results for students during the last three years
  • Evidence of special talent, such as a Certificate of Leadership if you served elsewhere and were recognized for your abilities It is also a good idea to discuss the specifics of your leaving certificate, especially if it provides any additional information to the aforementioned.

The Commission also issued a clarification that applicants who trained in subjects that are now part of the secondary school curriculum are not eligible for recruitment even if they have a postgraduate certificate in education.

Teachers who graduated with the following degree will not qualify:

Bachelor f Science or Bachelor of Arts Degree in Natural Resources,

  • Horticulture,
  • Fisheries,
  • Meteorology,
  • Farm Machinery,
  • Anthropology,
  • Forestry,
  • Sociology,
  • Biotechnology,
  • Animal Husbandry,
  • Journalism,
  • Theology or Divinity.

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has also warned politicians that they have no role in the process of recruitment. This is following fears that politicians may try to interfere with the process of recruitment to favour their preferred areas or individuals.

It has been revealed that some Members of Parliament have been mobilizing unemployed teachers from their respective regions and collecting their information, including copies of their academic credentials.




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