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TSC Recruitment Posting Letters 2023/2024

TSC Recruitment Posting Letters 2023/2024

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TSC Recruitment Posting Letters 2023/2024; TSC Releases Posting Letters for 2023 Recruitment.

The Teachers Service Commission has dispatched posting letters for teachers who were recently recruited early this year.

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According to the TSC recruitment letters 2023, Junior Secondary School (JSS) interns and permanent and pensionable teachers will be posted to any school within their county of choice.

The above criteria will also affect secondary school teachers

“After thoroughly reviewing the online application interviewees may only select their teaching combination in a specific county.” read the circular sent to regional and county directors of education in part.

TSC on Friday through an official statement noted that a total of 10, 000 teachers will be hired on permanent and pensionable terms whereas 25, 550 will bag intern slots.

TSC Teacher Shortage 2023/2024

The current TSC teacher shortage stands at 114, 581. In the recently concluded TSC recruitment, the Commission rewarded intern teachers by posting them to junior secondary schools on permanent and pensionable terms without subjecting them to interviews.

List; TSC Subject Combinations 2023/2024

Except for Agriculture, Home Science, Computer and Business Studies, teachers must have two subject combinations that they have specialized in since high school.

Official TSC Reporting Dates for 2023 Recruitment

It is now officially confirmed that the newly recruited teachers will report to schools on January 30, 2023.

Confirmation messages for teachers who attended interviews have already begun streaming in.

By Friday, teachers who attended TSC recruitment interviews will know their fate.

TSC Posting Letters 2023/2023


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TSC Recruitment posting letters for teachers

TSC Recruitment posting letters for teachers


Sample of TSC employment/ Posting letter for newly recruited teachers.


Are you a teacher and you were recently recruited by the Teachers Service Commission, TSC on permanent and pensionable terms? Thumbs up! for this major major milestone. Kindly note that you will not report to your work station haphazard. Before you report to your teaching station, the TSC must send a letter of employment (Letter of probationary employment) containing the new working terms and conditions.



This letter, also technically referred to as the  TSC posting letter, is meant for all newly recruited teachers after TSC has successfully vetted the teachers’ documents. The letter is sent to the teacher through the station where the teacher has been posted to serve under TSC terms.



In the letter the Commission Secretary spells out the entry level of the teacher i.e Secondary School Teacher II for teachers entering the profession as degree holders. The station where the teacher has been posted and the subjects to be handled are also written on the employment letter. Your starting salary scale is also given on your letter.



If you are a newly recruited teacher then you must work on probation for a period of not less than six (6) months. In some cases the probation period may be extended if the teacher’s performance is unsatisfactory; at worst, the teacher’s employment may be terminated before completion of the probation period. To be confirmed on permanent terms, the head of institution fills a recommendation form for the teacher that is sent to TSC for approval.



You are expected to proceed to the posted institution as indicated on the employment letter and you are given a grace period of 30 days from the effective date; as stated on the employment letter.


Immediately you report to duty, the Head of institution should fill a casualty and send it to TSC, so that you can be put on the payroll.


The employment letter also spells out the expected basic salary per year depending on the entry grade of the teacher. The teacher is also entitled to monthly allowances pegged on his/ her grade. Allowances that the teacher may get include, but not limited to: House allowance and Commuter allowance. Teachers working in areas classified as hardship get hardship allowance on top of the two allowances. While, those working at schools with differently abled learners also receive Special allowance.


You should be ready to work in any part of the country where the Commission feels his/ her services are required. Additionally, you will have to serve at the initial work station, where the first posting has been made, for a period of not less than five (5) years before requesting for a transfer. Though, in some cases you may be transferred under special consideration from the Commission on such grounds as Medical and insecurity; as may be deemed fit by TSC.


The employment letter is also copied to the Principal or head of institution and the TSC County Director.




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