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TSC Promotions Latest News: Teachers To Undergo Refresher Courses (TPD) For Promotion, Career Growth, TPD Modules 2021-2025

Tsc promotions and tpd modules 2021/2022

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TSC Promotions Latest News: Teachers To Undergo Refresher Courses (TPD) For Promotion, Career Growth, TPD Modules 2021-2025

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TSC Promotions Latest News: Teachers To Undergo Refresher Courses (TPD) For Promotion, Career Growth, TPD Modules 2021-2025

The Teaching sector is priming itself for major changes following the implementation of the Career Progression Guidelines, CPGs to replace the former Schemes of Service.

Now that the Kenya National Union of Teachers, KNUT is in favour of the new career progression guidelines following the change of leadership, all teachers employed by the Commission will be forced to undertake refresher courses dubbed TPD modules if they are eyeing any TSC promotions. Here are the latest details;

All TSC Teachers To Undergo Refresher Courses (TPD) For Promotion, Career Growth

All teachers employed by the commission will now have to take refresher course that will form basis of their promotion and career growth.

Introduction of these courses will undoubtedly mark an end to the old Schemes of Service that led to automatic progressions for common cadre teachers.

TSC TPD Modules Targets the following Teachers

According to a report by The Standard, these refresher courses christened Teacher Professional Development (TPD) modules, shall be modular based training programmes for all the 340,000 teachers under government payroll.

Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has noted that technology will play a pivotal role in the delivery of the TPD will be based on Modular Approach. TPD will address Pedagogy and Content Knowledge (PACK) among other aspects/components in line with the approved Curriculum.

TSC boss Dr. Nancy Macharia said the ultimate objective of the TPD programme is to continuously develop and improve teachers’ skills, competencies and knowledge in line with the 21st Century core competencies aimed at enhancing the provision of quality education.

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“The TPD programme targets to benefit all registered teachers in public and private primary, secondary and tertiary institutions in Kenya,” said Dr Nancy Macharia.

TPD programme will be organised in such a manner that each classroom teacher, primary school headteachers or high school principals and their deputies will be required to undertake at least one module per year.

TSC Teachers’ TPD Modules Full Details 

For teachers, their modules shall include professionalism, pedagogy, Competence-Based Curriculum and Assessment, inclusive education practices, Comprehensive School Health and Safety, Instructional Leadership and Financial Literacy Skills.

Modules for heads of institutions shall include professionalism, Competence Based Curriculum and Assessment, leadership in high-quality instruction and assessment, professional learning environment, building a positive inclusive learning environment, comprehensive school health and financial literacy skills.

Teachers will be expected to undertake at least five modules during their teaching career and this is what will guide their career growth.

The move comes after TSC and Kenya National Union of Teachers (Knut) on Tuesday reached an agreement to end the four-year stalemate that hindered the implementation of the Teacher Professional Development (TPD) modules.

The harmony reached between the commission and Knut now gives the employer opportunity to start the training program and also implement career progression guidelines, which were the bone of contention between it and the union.

TSC is now at liberty to sign a contract with training institutions to offer the Teacher Professional Development (TPD) programme.


List of Universities Offering TPD Modules 


Kenyatta University, Riara University, Mount Kenya University and the Kenya Education Management Institute (KMEI) were picked by TSC to train the teachers.


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