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TSC Promotions 2023; Available Slots, Scoring Criteria and Job Groups (Grades)

TSC Promotions 2023; Available Slots, Scoring Criteria and Job Groups (Grades)

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TSC Promotions 2023; Available Slots, Scoring Criteria and Job Groups (Grades)

  1. TSC promotion vacancies 2023= 14, 732
  2. TSC promotion vacancies for primary school teachers 2023=10, 507
  3. TSC promotion vacancies 2023 for Secondary=3, 210

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The giant teachers’ union KUPPET has raised eyebrows over the manner in which the Teachers Service Commission distributed the 2023 promotion vacancies. Check the table below.

1 Primary Schools 10, 507


2 Secondary Schools 3, 210 2023
3 TOTAL 13, 717 2023


The total number of announced vacancies is 14, 732. The rest are meant for TVETS and SNE schools and regular teachers cannot apply.

TSC Promotions 2023 Latest News; KUPPET Opposes Unfair Distribution of TSC Promotion Vacancies 2023

On January 5, 2023, the Teachers Service Commission issued a fresh call for 14, 372 promotion slots following the cancellation of an earlier advert that favoured school administrators only.

KUPPET had forced TSC back to the drawing table over failure to include secondary school classroom teachers.

For years on end, the Teachers Service Commission has been accused of lack of objectivity and clear career progression guidelines when it comes to promotion of teachers.

In defence of the teachers, the Parliamentary education committee put the TSC boss Dr. Nancy Macharia to task over the TSC promotion criteria in December 2022.

Unfortunately, Dr. Macharia said that no teacher has stagnated in the same job group for 10 years, a blatant lie.

“TSC says no teacher has stayed in the same job grade for 10 years” read the headlines.

The TSC Chief Execute Officer told the National Assembly Departmental Committee on Education that all teachers were promoted by 2017, costing the government Sh54 billion.

Macharia told the committee at Parliament buildings it was not true that some teachers had remained in the same grade for up to 10 years as was alleged. She insisted that the longest a teacher may have stayed in the same job grade is four years, and the government was doing everything possible to ensure they are promoted.


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The latest TSC promotions 2023 are set to favour primary school teachers who have received the lion’s share-10, 507 slots.

Secondary school teachers on the other hand have been left in the cold after receiving a piece meal- 3, 210 vacancies.



Now that the Commission has re-advertized promotion slots in 2023, teachers are eargely waiting for the new TSC promotions scoring criteria 2023 technically referred to as TSC promotion guidelines as promised by Dr. Macharia.

In previous TSC promotions, TSC has been accused of structuring career progression guidelines and promotions to favour teachers in the so-called “academic giants.”

In the year 2021, More than 33,000 teachers were shortlisted for the advertised positions.

The scoring matrix and tools used by their employer however served to disadvantage some tutors by placing more weight on their students’ performance as opposed to their individual qualifications.

Β Teachers Service Commission promotion score sheet favoured teachers in extra-county and national schools as they usually perform well.

β€œIt is obvious that county and sub-county schools cannot compete fairly with the well-established ones. A glaring difference between the two categories of schools is in the entry qualifications for their form ones intakes,” said Mr Misori.

Kuppet wants all teachers to be allowed to compete fairly regardless of the performance of their schools. Mr Misori said interviews should only be based on the academic qualification of teachers and their competencies.


The Commission has also been accused of hoarding funds set aside by government to employ fresh teacher graduates for one year.

The Committee Chairperson Tinderet MP Julius Melly also put the CEO on task to explain why it had failed to employ 5,000 intern teachers on permanent terms yet there were funds set aside for that purpose, The CEO responded that they would be given priority in the current recruitment process.

β€œI would like to inform Teachers Service Commission there are many unemployment cases and it should be very fair in the implementation of the government plan to employ 30,000 teachers across the country in the next few days to ensure that deserving cases are prioritised,” said Melly.

Macharia said that teaching vacancies will be shared out equally to ensure all 47 counties get enough teachers to address shortages. The government plans to promote 15,552 teachers and has set aside Sh1.4 billion for the process.

She informed the committee since independence teachers used to get employed directly after completing university and college until the process was frozen in 1998. It has since been done on demand or availability of funds with the process improved in the last few years.

Macharia said that since 2019, 26,000 teachers in post-primary have been employed on a permanent basis and those taken in on contracts given three-year renewable terms. 28,000 teachers have been employed since 2019.

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