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TSC New Salary and Allowances 2023/2024 after Increment

TSC New Salary and Allowances 2023/2024 after Increment

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TSC New Salary and Allowances 2023/2024 after Increment


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Teachers employed by the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) have received a salary increment of between 7% (for the highest paid) and 9.5% (for the lowest paid).



A fresh agreement recently inked between unions and the TSC ensured that the least-paid teachers will receive a salary of KSh 23,830 after increment and house allowances of KSh 3,850.


Speaking on Monday, August 28, during the signing of the agreement, TSC Chief Executive Officer Nancy Macharia affirmed that various allowances linked to job group B5 such as commuter and leave allowance will remain unaltered.



“The new salary structure will be implemented immediately in the August payroll and backdated to July 1, 2023. We assure our teachers that they will receive their salaries by the end of the month,” Macharia stated.


For the job group B5 category, the basic salary has risen from KSh 21,756 to a minimum of KSh 22,793 in 2023 and KSh 23,830 in 2024.





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In the case of job group C1, which currently garners a minimum of KSh 27,195, a total of KSh 28,491 will be reflected in their August 2023 payslips, followed by KSh 29,787 in 2024.


Teacher Dorcas Owiti attends to learners during a Classroom

Teacher Dorcas Owiti attends to learners during a Classroom session/ Photo Courtesy

The upper echelon of Kenyan teachers, specifically those in job group D1 who currently earn KSh 77,840, will witness an uptick in their basic salary to KSh 78,625 in 2023. Similarly, those in job group D3 earning KSh 104,644 will receive KSh 105,182 and, subsequently, KSh 106,043 in 2024.


The most highly compensated teachers, grouped in job group D4 and beyond, will also benefit from a 7% raise and additional allowances. Nevertheless, the unions expressed their intent to advocate for a higher percentage, with the Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) proposing a 50% increase.


“I want to proudly say that we have already secured 10%. I want to tell TSC that we are coming for the next 50%,” Collins Oyuu, the Secretary-General of KNUT, asserted.


The three unions rejected TSC’s proposed salary increment of 2.4% to 9.5% last week, saying it was insufficient because it was less than what the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) recommended.


The unions had been lobbying for the seven to ten per cent raise SRC had proposed for all civil servants.


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