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TSC New Recruitment Schedule July 2021 per County and Sub-county; Interview Dates, Activity, Participants and Venues

Tsc recruitment schedule for the july 2021 interviews by newspro.co.ke

TSC New Recruitment Schedule July 2021 per County and Sub-county; Interview Dates, Activity, Participants and Venues

TSC New Recruitment Schedule July 2021 per County and Sub-county; Interview Dates, Activity, Participants and Venues

The Teachers Service Commission, TSC has announced a total of 5, 000 recruitment vacancies for trained teachers this year.

The 5, 000 recruitment vacancies are to be filled on a competitive basis to enhance equity and transparency, core values that are deeply enshrined in the TSC code of Regulations and Constitution.

The extra 5,000 teachers will play a pertinent role in reducing the burdening work loads in Kenyan schools propelled by the implementation of the government’s 100 percent transition policy which is more than four years old now.

This new policy provides for the promotion of all learners to the next grade, class or form irrespective of the score or grade attained.

The 100 per cent transition policy has so far paved way for the placement of all learners in various primary and secondary schools through the free primary and secondary education, FPE and FSE programmes.

This is in line with the country’s vision 2030 and a firm ground for the realization of Kenya’s big four agenda.

TSC New Recruitment July 2021 Application

TSC recently trashed and tramped on all manual or paper job applications.

All TSC services were hence migrated to a centralized online platform dubbed teachers’ online.

If you would like to apply for the Advertised TSC teaching job vacancies, click HERE to access the TSC Teachers’ Online Platform and discover more about the latest TSC job application guidelines.


TSC New Recruitment July 2021 Recruitment Schedule

The TSC Recruitment Schedule  is a publicized document meant to regulate the interview dates for all TSC Recruitment exercises to avoid a scenario where more qualified shortlisted applicants are locked out for failing to turn up for the interview on the stipulated time and date.

It guides the respective TSC county offices on when to conduct all upcoming TSC recruitment interviews at that particular time.


The TSC Recruitment Schedule containis the date of the interview, activities, actors/participants and venues.

The TSC New Recruitment Interview dates are usually two to three weeks away from the TSC job application deadline.

TSC New Recruitment: List of Activities

The activities contained in the TSC Recruitment Interview Schedule encompass:

Briefing of school administrators and TSC officers. At this point, members of the TSC Recruitment Selection Panel are taken through the latest TSC recruitment guidelines. They are also provided with the latest TSC score sheet which guides them to determine the most suitable candidate and offer him or her the job.

Since TSC is an equal opportunity employer, all the applicants are also briefed on what to expect during the interviews.

Vetting of Documents and Selection. This is done by the TSC county directors, sub county directors and principals at the stated TSC Recruitment Venues. The shortlisted interviewees are expected to present their original documents for verification ahead if the live interviews first.

Live Interviews. This activity involves the entire TSC selection panels constituted by respective counties, applicants, members of the affected school’s management board, and seasoned teachers with undisputable mastery of content in the subjects of concern.



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