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TSC Exempts the Following Teachers from Enrolling for 30 Years TPD Modules


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TSC Exempts the Following Teachers from Enrolling for 30 Years TPD Modules

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TSC Exempts the Following Teachers from Enrolling for 30 Years TPD Modules

The Teachers service commission is the only Commission in Kenya that is charged with among other duties the responsibility of conducting in-service training, recruiting, promoting, deploying and transferring teachers and school administrators from one serving station to another.

In the year 2021, the TSC rolled out and made public a new policy directing all currently serving teachers to go back to class and get trained on how to effectively oversee the implementation of the newly introduced curriculum dubbed CBC which stands for Competence Based Curriculum.

If this new policy sees the light of the day, a new era will be ushered in the teaching sector whereby teachers are expected to get accustomed to shortened and busy holidays laden with teacher Professional Development, TPD modules for at least 30 Years.

The commission which is currently under the leadership of Dr. Nancy Macharia has been working round-the-clock to ensure that teachers are subjected to  the necessary training to garner skills and values that measure up to the requirements of the new competence Based Curriculum CBC.

Following the latest directive from the Teachers Service Commission, all teachers on duty are expected to enroll and register for tge teacher professional development  a training that is expected to last a newly recruited Teachers’ teaching lifetime- 30 years.

According to Teachers Service Commission (TSC),the training will enable teachers to be equipped with the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) skills the new curriculum that is set to replace the long-time 8:4:4 curriculum.

In what has been received as good news, teachers who are on study leave and those who are currently interdicted following unresolved cases of indiscipline will not be allowed to enroll for the refresher courses.

This directive has gone down well with the affected teachers given the charges involved when undertaking the training. This move follows complaints raised by the teachers who decried the charges which according to some of them will be very hard to manage.

Some teachers have also argued that teachers who have clocked 45 should be exempted too.

“Teachers of 45 years and above should be exempted from the training to be fair to teachers with long experiences and near to retire,let them prepare for their retirement peacefully please,” noted one of the teachers.

Despite the complaints, TSC has stood its ground and even criticized a list of top universities that Shunned TPD Modules making it difficult to roll out the program at the grassroot levels.

List of Top Universities that Shunned TSC TPD Tender



Top Universities Shun TSC TPD Tender


The Teachers Service Commission TSC Teacher Professional Development TPD refresher courses have been the topic of discussion amongst most Kenyan teachers.


This is after the teachers’ employer Teachers Service Commission TSC rolled out mandatory TPD modules for all practicing teachers.


Teachers Service Commission has sharply criticized top universities that shunned teachers refresher courses.


TSC boss Dr. Nancy Macharia, faulted universities for failing to bid for tender to offer Teacher Professional Development courses when a tender was floated.


Nancy Macharia noted that top universities and institutions that offer teacher education training did not show interest to offer TPD courses.


According to TSC, only eight universities applied and most of them did not meet the necessary requirements to offer TPD courses.


“We advertised and every teacher training institution was free to apply. But only eight universities applied. Some universities, the premier universities, did not even apply,” said Dr. Macharia.


“Apart from Kenyatta University, even the University of Nairobi which is another university that offers education did not tender. If something like this is in the open and you do not tender, what can we possibly do?” she added.


Initially, TSC has settled for four institutions to offer TPD programme. They include Kenyatta University, Riara University, Mount Kenya University and the KEMI.


Top Universities like Egerton, Maseno, Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, University of Nairobi, Masinde Muliro, Kisii University were not selected to offer TPD courses.


Criteria that was used to choose the four institutions had attracted more questions bearing in mind that top universities that offer education training were left out.


After the expiry of the present one-year contract for the four institutions, the tender shall be floated again for all institutions to apply.


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How to TSC TPD Programme works: Course Modules, cost and training


Teachers Service Commission (TSC) recently introduced TPD programme that is meant to train teachers to improve teaching and leadership standards. Below is a breakdown of how TSC TPD training works. That is modules, cost, and universities offering TPDP course.




The Teacher Professional Development (TPD) programme was officially launched by KNUT’s Collins Oyuu, KUPPET’s Akello Misori, KUSNET’s James Torome, and TSC CEO Nancy Macharia on 22 September 2021.


The main aim of TPD training is to provide professional development of teachers.





TPD Training targets TSC teachers in primary and secondary schools for both private and public schools.





Some of the higher institutions of learning that have been selected by TSC to offer TPD training like Mount Kenya University, Kenyatta University, Riara, Kenya Education Management Institute (KEMI), etc. have opened applications for the TPD training that is set to start in December 2021.





Only TSC registered teachers are eligible for TSC TPD training.





TPD training Cost


Teachers will be required to pay Ksh 6,000 per year. Therefore, after 30 years of TPD training, the teacher would have paid Kenya Shillings 180,000.





Mode of TPD learning


Teachers will be able to learn face to face and online. Face-to-face learning shall be done during the school holidays. Teachers can take TPD online courses during their free time in school.





MKU has indicated that a TPD Mobile App will soon be available for teachers to download and install on their phones. The TPD Mobile App will be used for payments, registration process, access to learning resources, and communication.





TPD Course outline (Modules and Chapters)


TPD course is divided into modules and chapters (units).





Introduction module: Has five chapters and takes one year to complete (1 Year)


Level 1 Module: Has 5 chapters and each chapter takes one year to complete. Therefore, it takes 5 years to complete level one module. The same applies to Level 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.


Level 2 module: 5 years (5 chapters)


Level 3 module: 5 years (5 chapters)


Level 4 module: 5 years (5 chapters)


Level 5 module: 5 years (5 chapters)


Level 6 module: 5 years (5 chapters)


A teacher is only allowed to take a maximum of 7 years per level. It, therefore, takes a minimum of 31 years to complete the TPD course.





TPD Certificate and Transcript


Teachers will be issued with a transcript after completion of each chapter. TSC will also be sent a copy of the transcript.





A certificate will also be issued after completion of the TPD course. The certificate must be renewed after every five years.





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