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TSC List of teachers whose employment Forms have been rejected or Suspended, see reasons given

Tsc list of teachers set to receive regret letters by newspro.co.ke

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TSC List of teachers whose employment Forms have been rejected or Suspended, see reasons given

 TSC List of teachers whose employment Forms have been rejected or Suspended, see reasons given

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The Teachers Service Commission, TSC, has released a list of teachers who are currently not eligible for employment.


Additionally, the Commission has listed reasons as to why the teachers can not be employed.


Surprisingly, some of the applicants for advertised TSC posts have used fake degree certificates. Apart from using forged certificates, other applicants  did not meet the minimum threshold for TSC recruitment.

The list at this reporter’s disposal shows the names of selected applicants plus their TSC numbers and teaching subjects. Also stated alongside the teachers’ details are reasons as to why their employment has been nullified by the employer.

Here is a list of some of the reasons given by TSC in denying the teachers employment opportunities:

Using forged copies of degree certificate,

Failing to meet the minimum requirements for teacher qualifications,

Applicant previously employed by TSC, dismissed and removed from the teacher register,

Failing to meet the TSC minimum grade and teaching subjects requirements,

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Some applicants were missing from their respective universities’ graduation lists,

Having differing names on academic documents, among other reasons.

The Commission asks the recruiting panels top be more keen to avoid scenarios where undeserving applicants are given the TSC jobs.

“Kindly check on the reasons for disqualifications and ensure the academic transcripts are carefully scrutinized to avoid a repeat of similar mistakes” reads a note by TSC.

The teachers whose names appear on the list will now receive regret letters from TSC.

The Commission has set stringent recruitment guidelines for teachers. Some of these include:

Applicants must present original and legible photocopies of the following documents: National Identification Card, CPE/KCPE certificates, KCE/KCSE certificates (include first attempt certificate if repeated exams), Diploma/Degree Certificates and official transcripts and Primary and Secondary Schools leaving certificates.
Provisional transcripts shall not be accepted Where names on the submitted documents differ, the applicant will be required to submit a sworn affidavit.

The selection panel shall vet each applicant to verify that:
He/she meets the requirements of the TSC advertisement.
All the submitted original academic and professional certificates, as well as official transcripts are authentic. The Secretary, Board of Management should certify photocopies of the certificates and authenticate the information provided to the TSC County Director.
A proof of application for confirmation of results from KNEC has been availed where the certificates are missing
NB: The onus is on the concerned teacher to follow up with KNEC for the confirmation of results within 14 days after the interview date.

Where results have been confirmed, the original statement of confirmation of results MUST be submitted together with Application for Employment form

Once the interview process is completed, the results must be communicated to the applicants the same day and the successful candidate(s), from the merit list, issued with the TSC Application for Employment Form.
It is the responsibility of the TSC County Director/Representative to ensure that the:
i. Exercise is fair and transparent.
ii. Successful applicant (s) on the merit list fill the Application for Employment form.
The Secretary of BOM should ensure the Application for Employment form is correctly filled by the successful applicant without any erasure or defacing
The completed form(s) together with the other relevant documents should be submitted to the TSC County Director’s office. The TSC County Director, upon verification and ensuring that a the requirements are fulfilled, will submit the recruitment documents to the TSC Headquarters within the stipulated timeline.
Successfully recruited teachers would be served with posting letters as they report to their new stations.


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