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TSC- How Retired Teachers can now receive retirement pension(benefits) faster

Tsc pension processing full details 2021/2022 by newspro.co.ke

TSC- How Retired Teachers can now receive retirement pension(benefits) faster

TSC pension Processing Status for retired teachers 2021/2022

TSC pension Processing Status for retired teachers 2021/2022

Teachers who retire after working with the Teachers Service Commission, TSC, will now have a reason to smile. This is after the Commission moved to have their pension payments processed quickly.

Thousands of teachers who retire annually have in the past waited for many years to receive their pension payments. In fact, some of these teachers have died before receiving their perks. But, this will now be a thing of the past after TSC merged two of its key divisions in a move meant to speed up the processing of pension records for thousands of teachers who retire annually.

The merger is in a bid to overcome the delays experienced during procession of teachers’ pension files before they are submitted to the treasury for payments.

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According to TSC Chief Executive Officer Nancy Macharia, the Commission’s human resource management division has been merged with the pensions department. She says ‘this (merger) will create seamless and efficient service delivery from entry to exit of all teachers employed by the commission”.

The merged departments will ‘align all human resource processes from entry to exit, serving as a one-stop-shop for all human resource-related matters.’

Macharia says, for faster processing of the pension benefits, all communication should be done by the TSC County Directors.

“All communication from teachers will be channeled through the county directors’ offices and all county human resource officers will work with sub-county directors to ensure submission of records to do with salary payments from entry to exit, conformation of appointment, performance appraisals, pension claims and gratuity,” says Dr. Macharia; via the latest circular.

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How to check pension processing status, online.
You can check your TSC Pension status online. All that you will be required to present are the following Documents to the Head of HR Department.

Two copies of ones national identification card ID
TSC Retirement Clearance Certificate
Duly Completed Pension Communication and address form
At least two payslips each year
Official Secrets Acts Declaration Form Appendix’E’
Copy of Pin card and Bank plate
Duly Completed Declaration Assets and liabilities form

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