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TSC Transfer 2022-2023 Lists per County; Nyamira and Kisii Counties


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TSC Transfer 2022-2023 Lists per County; Nyamira and Kisii Counties

TSC List Of Transferred Teachers and School Administrators Per County and Region 2022/2023

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TSC has normalized transfers for teachers. The transfer of teachers is an ongoing routine process. The ongoing routine transfer of Principals and other teachers in the country has affected secondary school principals in Kisii and Nyamira counties.


In the recent development, the Chief Principal of Suneka High School, Mr. Masiwo, was transferred toTom Mboya High School in Homabay County.


Kisii County Director of Education, Mr. Pius Ngoma, confirmed the transfer but did not name the replacement of the transferred Principal.


In Nyamira County, the long serving Principal of Kebirigo High School, Dr.Wara, was also transferred to a school yet to be revealed.


When he was contacted he only responded in one sentence.




“It is true I have been transferred at the time I expected least,” he said.


The principal, who had just handed in the registration and nominal role of the 2022 KCSE candidate to the education offices for certification, wished the school to continue well with the steering performance whose base he set.


He left the school after leading his 311 candidates to excel to University with direct entry grades except one who scored C plain.


The results were tabulated with 13 students getting A-, 107 B+ , 127 B plain, 50 B- and 13 candidate scored C+ and only one student attained C plain.


The school attained a mean score of 9.2, two points up from the 2020 examination results.


Nyamira County Director of Education, Mr. Borniface Ouko, confirmed the transfer terming it a normal and professional requirement that empowered the TCS in conjunction with the Ministry of Education to effect the inevitable changes.


 TSC Reveals Teachers Who Won’t Be Transferred In the Ongoing Mass Transfers 2022 –


The transfer of principals has impacted on the following Kisii schools.

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The transfer of principals has impacted on the following Kisii schools.


Kenya’s Teachers Service Commission (TSC) is on with its plan of transferring teachers in a bid to achieve staff balancing across the country, Exercise that slated between April and may 2022.


Early on, TSC had authorized all regional directors to liaise with county directors to carry out teacher rationalization in their areas of jurisdiction ,all this to be done across the country.


Part of the statement from the teacher’s employer read “For that reason, you are required to coordinate with the County Directors in your respective Regions and undertake staff/teacher rationalization with a view to ensure an equitable re-distribution across the schools in your Regions.”


While in the process of undertaking teacher transfer and/or the assignment to address teacher imbalance/s these are some of the factors that will be considered


Total age of the teacher: All those teachers aged 56 years and above will be exempted from the transfer out of the area of their current work stations.


Health status of the teacher: Those teachers with proven cases of terminal illness will be exempt from transfers out of the current Sub– County of work. However, the Committee will evaluate each case on its own merit taking into consideration the supporting Medical documents, the availability and accessibility to the appropriate medical facilities amongst other factors in the proposed station.


Teachers with Disabilities; Those teachers with disability and with the necessary certification will be exempted from transfers outside their current station sub County.


During the process of transferring teachers, the first priority shall be given to schools within the Sub–County within the targeted shortage before transferring out of the Sub County.


The teacher’s Family considerations: TSC allows transfer of couples who are employees of the Commission and have formally declared their marital status in the same neighbourhood where possible.


The period/ Length of stay since first appointment: A teacher must have served in a station for a period of not less than three (3) years and five (5) years for North Eastern and other areas respectively since first appointment; unless otherwise authorized by the Commission Secretary.


Each time first Priority will be given to teachers who have applied for transfer and are eligible for transfer. In cases where teachers meet the criteria for transfer, the Commission will consider: Teacher‘s security is also considered.


All the Transfer of teachers will be carried out during the school holidays to ensure stability and the smooth running of the school program/s except for emergencies.


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