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TSC forms: TSC Widow/Widower Declaration Form

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TSC Widow/Widower Declaration Form free pdf Download

TSC Widow/Widower Declaration Form free pdf Download

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TSC Widow/Widower Declaration Form

The Teachers Service Commission, TSC is a constitutionally mandated body in Kenya with the full power of managing the teaching sector in Kenya among other core functions.

In the process of managing human resource- the teachers and the Secretariat, some unfortunate events such as the death of one’s are  likely to occur.

In this write-up, we provide you with the next step that you should take in case your spouse who is TSC employed passes on while in service.

About TSC Widow/Widower Declaration Form

Teachers Service Commission, TSC Widow/Widower Declaration form is filled when a spouse who is employed by TSC dies. The form is either filled by the wife or husband.

TSC Widow)Widower Declaration Form Full Details

The form comprises of four main parts that must be filled

Part I

This part of the form must be completed by the widower/widow personally stating his/her full names as it appears on the Identity Card and should append his/her signature.

Part II

This next part has got two sections (a) and (b). These two sections of the form should be certified by the Chief and Assistant County Commissioner of his/her Location respectively.

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Part III

Part III of the form should be attested by a Judge, a Magistrate or a Commissioner for Oaths personally.

Part IV

This last part of the form should not be completed in case the spouses are in possession of a Marriage certificate whose both the original and copy must be submitted to this Department for certification and return.

If however, the spouses were married under tribal customary Laws, he/she should request one of his/her parent and of the parents of his/her late husband/wife or a close blood relative from each side in case none of the parents are not alive to complete Part IV (a) and (b) as declarants and append their signatures before either a Magistrate or a Commissioner for Oaths.

The original form of the Declaration should be returned to pension office duly completed as instructed above with the following documents:

TSC Widow/Widower Declaration Form List of Mandatory Documents

A copy of the widower/widow Identity Card which must be certified as a true copy of the original by the area Chief.

Original and copy of birth certificates in respect of the deceased’s children who were below the age of 17 years on the date of the death of the father or mother or above that age but are still undergoing full time education to which case a letter from the school/institution must be attached.

The original and Copy of the deceased’s death certificate.

An Original official headed letter from your area chief confirming legal dependants of the deceased and their relationship.

A clear copy of Bank Plate or a copy of ATM.

Download TSC Widow/Widower Declaration Form

Download (PDF, 95KB)

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