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TSC finally confesses about overwhelming number of 2020 recruitment applicants


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TSC confesses about overwhelming number of 2020 recruitment applicants

Following the harsh economic times ushered in by the Covid-19 pandemic that has continued to unleash terror in many nations, teachers have vowed to make hay while the sun shines.

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This is after most private school teachers who have gone without salary for seven months now decided to combat for the limited TSC slots with the hope of scooping the available teaching positions in Kenya.

The teachers who have been accustomed to a sedentary lifestyle following the huge salaries they draw from international private schools have been forced to go for the meagre pay that TSC offers.

Consequently, the TSC online job application portal is “bursting at the seams.”

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Could this be the reason behind the postponement of 2020 TSC Interviews two times now?


The government has come to the rescue of the BOM teachers across the country.It has paid many teachers who have been officially registered by tsc.Those who had no TSC Numbers have been unlucky.While appearing before the Parliamentary Select Committee on Education,CS Professor Magoha confirmed that actually these teachers were not paid.

Recently,the government announced over 11,000 teaching vacancies in both primary and secondary schools.The teachers overwhelmingly submitted their applications.Interviews were to begin on 28th September but this didn’t work.TSC changed the dates to 8th October,but why?

While speaking to the Nation media yesterday,TSC Head of Corporate Affairs Ms Beatrice Wababu confirmed that the number of the applicants this time was unexpected.This might have been attributed by the job losses due to Covid 19 pandemic.

“The numbers were overwhelming.There are so many people who applied,more than we expected and we have to give every applicant a chance and go through their applications.” Said Ms Wababu.


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