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TSC: Little-Known Facts about TSC Promotions and Salaries 2021-2022

Facts about tsc promotions by newspro.co.ke

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TSC: Little-Known Facts about TSC Promotions  and Salaries 2021-2022


TSC: Little-Known Facts about TSC Promotions and Salaries 2021-2022

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The process of conducting TSC Promotions Interviews is a rigorous one compared to  New Recruitments or Replacement of Teachers.

Identification of Available TSC Promotions (Vacancies/ Openings) for Teachers

The process commences with the mapping out of  TSC Promotion vacancies by the Commission.

This stage unfortunately depends on availability of funds for Teachers’ Promotions.

This explains why sometimes the Teachers Service Commission will only advertise a few Promotion vacancies depending on how much has been set aside from the exchequer.

TSC Promotions Vacancies also depend on the agreed Collective Bargaining Agreement, CBA signed by both TSC and Teachers’ Unions.

The Commission will therefore advertise Promotions openings for teachers as agreed in the current Collective Bargaining Agreement, CBA aimed at shielding the Academic calendar from possible negative outcomes attributed to industrial action.

Application for TSC Promotions

There are two categories of TSC Teachers’ Promotions- Common Cadre and Competitive Promotions.

Unlike Common cadre TSC Promotions whereby teachers get automatically upgraded to the next level upon serving for a given period of time.

For instance, a secondary school teacher with a bachelor’s degree will automatically get promoted to C3 which is a common cadre  for Secondary school teachers who have served in grade C2 for 3 years.

Teachers seeking advertised TSC Promotions usually filled on a competitive basis through Interviews conducted by TSC selection panels at various counties where there are promotion openings however must apply online and attach the relevant documents listed by the Commission.


List of Shortlisted Teachers for TSC Promotions per County

To ensure regional balance, the Teachers Service Commission will then select and shortlist qualified and Interested teacher to fill the Advertised vacancies per county.

Kindly note that teachers cannot apply for TSC Promotions vacancies outside their counties.

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If a teacher is currently working in Kisii County for instance, s/he can only apply for TSC Promotions within Kisii County.

Another point to note is the fact that getting shortlisted to attend TSC Promotions Interviews is not an indication of successfully being appointed to a higher grade.

Shortlisted Teachers include everyone who has met the Minimum Requirements for TSC Promotions as provided for in the current TSC Promotions Guidelines.

Lists of shortlisted candidates for TSC Promotions are usually dispatched to the respective TSC county offices in preparation for TSC Promotions Interviews.


Decentralization of Teachers’ Promotions

Unlike in the past, where TSC Selection panels were drawn from the head quarters in Nairobi,  panelists are currently drawn from the counties and regions.

This follows the decentralization of TSC teachers’ Promotions to Regions and Counties.

TSC Appointment Letters for Successfully Promoted Teachers

Upon successful Interviews, the Teachers Service Commission will process Interview Results for all the counties where Promotion vacancies were advertised.

The next step is to release Promotion Interview Results via an official Circular before finally sending the letters addressed to all shortlisted applicants through official communication channels.

Kindly note that receiving a letter  following a TSC Promotion does not necessarily mean that you have been promoted to the next grade by TSC.

Some teachers will receive congratulatory TSC Promotion Letters indicating that they have been upgraded.

The aforementioned Letters will indicate the Teachers’ new salary scales, effective date- latest appointment date, new salary per annum and the new grade appointed to.

Unfortunately, the remaining will receive regret letters showing that the teacher in question has not been successfully appointed to the next higher grade.

For more details on TSC Promotions Letters, Click Here

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