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TSC: Circular that “crashed” the hope of TSC Intern Teachers, 2020


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TSC: Circular that “crashed” the hope of TSC intern teachers in Kenya

Hope is a key aspect if one has to live a fruitful life.

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Currently, there are thousands of qualified teachers who are looking forward to bagging the limited TSC teaching vacancies in primary and secondary schools within Kenya that were advertised in September 2020.

Among these areΒ  over 10, 000 TSC intern teachers who were absorbed by the Commission in December 2019 to plug the gap in the education sector.

Truth be said, these teachers have been sacrificing to quench the thirst for education in many Kenyan learners given the deplorable working conditions and the meagre earnings dubbed salaries.

When the commission awarded all TSC interns a whooping 10 marks for their goodwill and sacrifice, many who had turned down internship opportunities saw the need to not always materialize everything.

But even as we reward the effort of intern teachers, let us not forget those teachers who attended interviews last year with the hope of getting the limited TSC Internships opportunities in vain.

Let us not presume that all teachers who are not employed by the commission on internship terms refused the offer since jobs have never been offered in Kenya to start with.

Fake circular on confirmation of TSC Intern Teachers

A few days ago, a fake circular was circulated by scammers indicating that the Teachers Service Commission has cancelled the ongoing TSC mass Recruitment exercise in favor of intern teachers.

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According to the circular, all TSC intern teachers were to be confirmed on permanent and pensionable terms. Therefore, there will be no need for the upcoming TSC Interviews set to begin on Monday September 28.

This was indeed sweet music to the ears of most TSC intern teachers. However, this deal was too sweet…

The Teachers Service Commission later made it clear that the news were fake. Besides, all TSC Interviews will go on as scheduled starting next week now that the dates and venues have been determined.

County directors of education have also received copies of merit lists for candidates who applied for the 11, 570 teaching vacancies in 2020.

This was disheartening, wasn’t it? My message to those teachers who are jubilating yesterday’s circular is that they should stop counting their chicks.

It is not party time yet. Remember that TSC intern teachers already have 10 extra marks.Β  For those who are still green on how TSC Interviews are conducted, even half a mark does make a significant difference.

Therefore, whoever peddled the fake news was simply predicting the possible outcome of the upcoming interviews.

Giving a candidate 10 extra marks is as good as offering them a direct ticket to a job.

TSC interns are already pre-qualified for the jobs.

Therefore, their hope is not crashed yet, they are simply counting hours to walk to those venues to simply get confirmed!

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