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TSC: 2021-2025 CBA to favour classroom teachers, bridge the huge salary gaps between classroom teachers and school administrators


TSC: 2021-2025 CBA to favour classroom teachers, bridge the huge salary gaps between classroom teachers and school administrators; New CBA for Teachers

The Teachers Service Commission now has unions’ heads tugged in between its legs” following its newest proposal to the Salaries and Remuneration Commission, SRC about the upcoming 2021-2025 Collective Bargaining Agreement, CBA.

This is after the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) proposed a minimum 16% increment in basic salary for regular teachers, without administrative roles in a proposed new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).

The new CBA, already tabled before the Salaries and Remuneration Commission, is set to take effect as from July 2021.

TSC’s move does not sit well with the union officials who went for a CBA that greatly favoured school administrators and teachers with administrative roles hence triggering anger and resentment among classroom teachers.

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Now that teachers in lower grades are favoured most in the new proposed pack, unions may not wield enough power to change things, especially without enough backing the Majority of the teachers who thirst for this new salary increment.

Unlike the previous CBA which ended in July and only favoured school administrators the current CBA will plugin the gap between teachers in lower and higher grades.

Teachers in Grades C4 to D5 for instance will benefit from a 16% increment in their basic salaries in the proposed new Collective bargaining agreement by their Employer while those in Grade B5 to Grade C3 will enjoy a 32% pay rise in their salaries should the new CBA be implemented.

Newly-proposed TSC house, commuter and leave allowances for teachers

The 2021-2025 CBA also recommends an increment of up to 20 per cent in teachers’ house allowances, commuter and leave allowances.

Chief principals and deputies

This essentially implying that Senior and Chief principals are to earn at least Ksh.131, 380 and a maximum of Ksh.157, 656.

Deputy principals ranked between job Group D1 to D3 will earn between Ksh.77,840 and Ksh.125, 573.

The commission has already forwarded the CBA to the Salaries and Remuneration Commission in what TSC refers to athorough analysis representative of the views of the two teachers unions, KNUT and KUPPET.

Late last year, the two unions made submissions for the new CBA where KNUT wanted the basic pay to be raised by between 120% and 200 percent.

Teachers have however termed KNUT’s proposal impractical bearing in mind how the Union’s ballooned proposal cost teachers a 50-60 pay rise in 2017.

Kuppet  also proposed a basic salary increment of between 30 percent and 70 percent.

The Kenya National Union Of Teachers has already contested the decision by the Commission.

In a letter to the Salaries and Remuneration Commission, KNUT Secretary General wilson Sossion is accusing TSC of forwarding a summary of the proposals made by the unions.

“Sneaking proposals to SRC in such a manner shall only serve to provoke the teaching service…We write to bring to your attention the anomalies and ask that you Require Teachers Service Commission to first of all comply with the law prior to forwarding the said proposals,” says Sossion.

SRC responds to KNUT’s Whims over new TSC CBA proposals

But the Salaries and Renumeration Commission has yet again rattled KNUT in its response.

Through a letter, SRC Secretary Anne Gitau wrote to Sossion saying

“The SRC has taken note of the issues raised and observed that they are administrative in nature and should therefore be addressed by TSC and KNUT. Consequently SRC guides that KNUT engages TSC as the employer and amicably addresses the matter.”

A move that literally forces KNUT back to the drawing board coming days after National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi ruled that matters with regard to TSC and KNUT should not be discussed by the Departmental Committee on Education in Parliament until the cases in court have been solved.

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  1. Seline Mutua chesoli says

    I appreciate tsc for good plans for teachers especially for the classroom teachers like me. Thank you. I request that you also consider teachers who have stagnanted in the same job group for over 15 yrs for administrative positions

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