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Bomet County list of BOM teachers set to receive their full salaries soon

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Teachers have expressed their fury and disappointment arising from rogue reporters who claim that they will continue receiving their full pay for the next six months despite being “idle.”

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The careless use of language is what has really lit up the tutors. Therefore, we would like to back KNUT and KESSHA this morning by offering clarification on this matter.

To start with, our media team would like to acknowledge the fact that teachers are not and have never been idle. In fact, if there is a bunch of civil servants who earn their money after offering great service, it is the teachers.

If you compare the work done by tutors at various levels with that of their counterparts in the civil service, you will realize that teachers cannot be categorized as idle people.


Besides, the majority of tutors have the interest of their learners at heart. They have been actively engaging their students via online learning platforms especially through Whatsapp given that most public schools cannot afford Zoom Classroom.

So how does it work? The deans of studies have created Whatsapp groups for their candidates with teachers serving as the group administrators to moderate the discussions.

Students are given tasks that they need to complete within a specified period and screenshot their findings for assessment.

Teachers then go through the students’ work and rectify them whenever they go astray.


Tutors have also been attending online in serving training sessions the most recent ones being Webinar Training Session for teachers of English on Paper One and CEMASTEA training for science teachers.

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So the question is, how idle are the teachers?


Teachers are also ready to resume any time they are called upon. They just happen to be victims of circumstances.

They are not health experts to dictate when the learners should resume school. Tutors are simply following orders from above!

If teachers were told to go back to class today, they will respond to the call immediately. It is rather unfortunate that they cannot be in school because of the virus.

We should not also forget that principals, heads, deputies, senior teachers and masters are still on duty to ensure that things are perfect.

Therefore, teachers shall and will continue earning what is rightfully theirs since the current situation is beyond them.

The Government should focus on ensuring the safety of learners so that learning can resume learning.


Instead of inciting one faction of teachers against the other, some reporters should get a life. Teachers are categorized into three groups, private school teachers, BOM and TSC-employed tutors.

Their terms of employment are also different. Instead of lobbying against teachers, the reporters should be defending BOM and private school teachers so that they can get a stimulus package from the government to shield them against the harsh economic realities posed by the pandemic.



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