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Teachers Express Anger, Frustration and even Disillusionment Following TSC’s Official Announcement of Compulsory Refresher Courses!

Tsc tpd modules updates 2021-2022 by newspro.co.ke

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TSC Teachers’ News Today 2021-2022:Teachers Express Anger, Frustration and even Disillusionment Following TSC’s Official Announcement of Compulsory Refresher Courses!

TSC Teachers across the country have reacted with anger, frustration and even disillusionment following the official announcement by the Teachers’ Commission of rolling out refresher courses for the Tutors. This happened today at CEMASTEA, Karen,Nairobi. The TSC CEO(Nancy Macharia) talked of professionalizing the teaching fraternity  in order to match it with other professions like law and engineering

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Most Tutors went on rampage on social media visibly angered by the commission’s decision to make them pay for the courses from their already cash strapped pockets. 
The commission announced that every tutor was to part with 6000 Ksh for the training having picked Kenyatta University, Riara and Mount Kenya Universities for the upcoming training. 
This follows the Commission’s and the teachers Unions’ agreement of signing a non monetary CBA. 
The following are some of the reactions from teachers :

TSC Training for all Teachers 2021-2022; TSC primes itself to roll out refresher courses for over 340,000; Latest TSC Teachers’ News 2021-2022

TSC Training for all Teachers 2021-2022; TSC primes itself to roll out refresher courses for over 340,000; Latest TSC Teachers' News 2021-2022; Commission Advertises 1995 Internship Recruitment Vacancies to be filled in September/October 2021. Check out the full details below- Teacher Internship Advert, Requirements, Duration of Internship Contract, Monthly Stipend, Internship Certificate, Application Procedure and Deadline

Latest TSC News on Teachers’ Training 2021/2022: The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) is priming itself to roll out refresher courses for over 340,000 teachers across the 47 counties in readiness for the full implementation of the new Competence-Based Curriculum,CBC in the country.

This is after details emerged indicating that the Commission has been holding meetings this week with teachers’ unions with an aim of paving way for the new courses introduced in 2017, but are yet to see the light of the day owing to vehement opposition emanating from the unions.

Yesterday,  however, senior TSC officials met representatives of the Kenya Primary School Head teachers Association, KEPSHA at the TSC headquarters in Nairobi to explain the modalities of the mandatory programmes.

The meeting was convened by the TSC Director for Quality Assurance and Standards, Dr Mugwuku Nthamburi.

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Fresh Guidelines for Registration of TSC Teachers 2021/2022

On Thursday, the commission met officials of the Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers (Kuppet) to demonstrate how the Teacher Professional Development Programmes will be taught and examined and how completion certificates will be used to register all teachers afresh and determine promotions. More meetings are planned for next week.


TSC Refresher Courses Training fee 2021/2022

All Teachers will be required to meet the cost of training, a fee amounting to KSh 6,000 each year for five years to complete the course.

The programmes were introduced in 2018 to replace the schemes of service, which guided promotions, but they immediately ran into stiff opposition from the Kenya National Union of Teachers, which insisted that it was TSC’s duty to boost the capacity of its staff at its own cost. It demanded that the schemes of service that allowed automatic promotions be retained and went to court to block the programmes.

The stalemate was, however, resolved under the new five-year Collective Bargaining Agreement signed in July.

Universities Offering TSC Refresher Courses for Teachers in Kenya 2021/2022

The training, which will be carried out during school holidays, will be offered by Kenyatta, Mount Kenya and Riara universities in addition to the Kenya Education Management Institute (Kemi).

“Professional development is critical in that teachers keep abreast with contemporary teaching methods, what is happening in the sector, and in the rest of the world. Now more than ever, current day instructional practices must have components of technology, global learning and the potential to impact a diverse range of learning styles, areas that were not key in the earlier years of the profession,” says TSC Chief Executive Nancy Macharia in an official document.

She says the modules will be an avenue for growth of ethical aspects of teaching and that they will also “grant teachers an opportunity for networking and testing new methods of curriculum delivery.”

“Professional development of teachers is more than retooling as the modules will also be useful in promotions. A teacher’s growth in skills and competence will see them grow in their careers,” she says in the document.

It says training centres will be as close to the work stations as possible, the training will not exceed five working days though online lessons can exceed the period as long as they do not interfere with teachers’ core duties.

Still, performance reports should be submitted to TSC in soft copy on or before the 15th day of the subsequent month after the school holiday.


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