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Revealed: This Is How KU Students Hacked Credit Cards; Purchased BitCoins.The DCI Arrests & What You Need Know!


Just In: This Is How KU Students Hacked Credit Cards; Purchased BitCoins.The DCI Arrests & What You Must Know!

Just In: This Is How KU Students Hacked Credit Cards; Purchased BitCoins.The DCI Arrests & What You Must Know!

Information reaching our desk is that a Nakuru Based student gang has been arrested by the Directorate Of the Criminal Investigations (DCI). It is said that the students’ gang had been hacking people’s credit cards enabling them to purchase bitcoins before converting them into the Kenyan shillings!
The DCI issued a statement indicating that the gang consisted of two Kenyatta University Students who worked in cahoot with two female accomplices. The latter is said to have been operating from houses in the swanky Milimani suburbs of Nakuru County.

The Process Of Hacking: What You Need To Know!

The Detectives said that the perpetrators created fake email accounts which were used to hack the credit cards of obviously the unsuspecting victims. It is said that a majority of those affected were credit card owners living in foreign countries!
The DCI statement goes further to reveal that those fake accounts would then be used to purchase bitcoins, which again would later be converted to the Kenyan currency.
After a series of well-coordinated investigations by the DCI, the two students together with their accomplices were traced and got arrested from their Milimani hideout in Nakuru.
It is said that the syndicate lived life in the fast lane throwing huge parties for their friends and associates. Several newly purchased property was also linked to them, enough evidence that indeed they were having access to big money that they would account for.
This is what the DCI had to say,” the gang operating from houses in the affluent Milimani neighborhood has  been on our radar over the past few days and it was an only a matter of time before our detectives smoked them out”
The DCI officials’ search in the very property they resided in yielded several stuff. Among the documents found was a land sale agreement signed on the 25th of May, 2022 worth Ksh850,00. The sale agreement showed that the property purchase was located in Juja, Kiambu County.

The Directorate Of Criminal Investigation’s  Advice To The Citizenry.

The DCI took their time off to advise online users to exercise caution when clicking links sent to them- a phenomenon that is taking root among the online population. These arrests come at an opportune time when as a country the DCI has been empowered by the establishment of its own National Forensic Laboratory which will go a long way in combating modern crimes such as cybercrime and technology misuse as espoused by president Uhuru Kenyatta’s launch speech.
” This national endeavor seeks to increase our criminal justice system in conducting evidence-based investigations, enable quick re-enactment of crime as well conviction of suspects through validated and internationally accepted means”

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