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Reasons why Kenyan parents should embrace day schools in Kenya

Here are 5 good reasons as to why Kenyan parents should embrace day schools in Kenya


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Here are 5 good reasons as to why Kenyan parents should embrace day schools in Kenya

Despite the Kenyan government’s concerted effort to lower the cost of basic education in Kenya, secondary school education has still proved to be expensive for some parents especially those with low income.

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Every year, several cases of KCPE candidates who performed exceptionally well but cannot report to their school of choice hit the headlines.

Besides, we have had cases of students trekking for very long distances to their school of choice.

This article seeks to enlighten Kenyan parents and learners on why they should embrace day schools.

Reasons why Kenyan parents and learners should go for day schools

To begin with, day schools are cheaper and affordable to many Kenyan families. Currently, the Ministry of Education in Kenya has capped secondary school fees at Kshs 3,000 per term.

In fact many day schools in Kenya charge between Kshs 2500 and Kshs 3000 per term. Why then should a low income family spend 20000 shillings or so per term, an amount they cannot afford in search of locally available secondary education?

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Secondly, day schools have proved their worth during KCSE exams. Just like boarding schools, day schools have been consistently posting impressive KCSE results. A good example of best performing day schools in Kenya is Njenga Karume Secondary School in Molo.

The school has soared to greater heights in as far as academic performance is concerned.

Last year, Njenga Karume posted a mean grade of C+ plus. This clearly shows that day schools are up to the task.

Thirdly, day schools are equipped with sufficient learning resources. With the advance of the 100 percent transition policy by the Kenyan government, each and every school is assured of enough learning resources including textbooks. Therefore, there is no reason as to why a day scholar should not perform.

Forthly, day schools receive government teachers just like boarding schools in Kenya. Every year, the Teachers Service Commission recruits tell me in all schools in Kenya. In 2018, the Commission bridged the gap by posting teachers to day schools only. This put day schools at par with boarding schools.

Besides,day schools give parents and guardians an opportunity to bond with their children. We are living in a world where concerns have been raised concerning the role of parents in the growth and development of their children.

It has come to the attention of education stakeholders that most parents are out of touch when it comes to raising and moulding their children’s character. Day schools will therefore give such ghost parents an opportunity to bond with their children and get to know them better.





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