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Magoha wants lazy and excess University staff sacked since the government is like God, read more to find out how


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Magoha wants lazy and excess University staff sacked since the government is like God, read more to find out how

Education CS Professor George Magoha has unleashed his fury upon universities who are begging for government funds amid pandemic.

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He reiterated without fear or favour that universities should aspire to become financially independent by producing quality academic publications that will attract donor funding or utilising the resources at their disposal.

He gave an example of Egerton University, one of the sleeping Giants of the century which has refused to make use of the huge tracts of land upon which it sits.

“Instead of supplying towns with agricultural products, we only see students in the streets,” said the CS.

Magoha was speaking today during a virtual graduation ceremony held by Egerton University.

Lazy staff

The CS further cautioned vice chancellors and challelors against the recruitment of excess staff whose salaries are unsustainable.

He said that any University that decides to employ extra staff without consulting the national treasure to determine how sustainable it is should be ready to bear the consequences.

Magoha further noted that the universities should not beg for financial aid from the government.

He went ahead and compared the government to God who only helps those who help themselves.

Therefore universities that still want to keep on crawling in stead of walking will have themselves to blame.

He advised universities to focus on why they are good at. For instance, Egerton University should focus on agriculture and produce quality academic papers that will attract donors instead of relying on the government.

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He gave an example of the reforms he initiated when he was at the University of Nairobi.

Magiha further gave vice chancellors the power to sack all excess and indolent staff, a mandate preserved for the government.

This therefore means that Kenyans should be prepared for massive job losses in a few weeks.

He further advised Egerton VC Rose Mwonya, who recently begged for the government to step in and help the University raise funds for staff salaries, on how to effectively handle a financial crisis.

According to the CS, University academic staff should constitute 70% of the total employees.

Consequently, surbodinates should constitute 30% only. He further advised her to listen to her chancellor, if at all she listens to him for he is the best industrialist of all time.

Professors are stubborn, leave alone Randy he-goats

Professor Magoha however doubted that his message was at home for he admitted to the fact that professors are complicated, him included.

He said that most University professors are to blame for the sorry state of many universities.

“Professors are the main bottleneck in the development of many universities. They think that that know everything. There is nothing that you can offer them,” said Magoha.

CS Magoha’s sentiments are heartwrenching especially for universities like Egerton and Kisii which have been forced to slash their staff’s pay by up to 40% following the disruption and financial crunch engineered by the Covid 19 pandemic.

These remarks clearly show that the government cannot carry everyone, some of us have to take a step of faith and walk despite the challenges posted by the Coronavirus.

With the official reopening dates for universities having been extended till January 2021, 78 public universities must find a way of sustaining their operations.

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