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Knec Recalls KCSE 2022 Examiners’ Marking Letters, See Why


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Knec Recalls KCSE 2022 Examiners’ Marking Letters, See Why

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The Kenya National Examination Council, Knec, recently recalled all marking invitation letters that had been uploaded to their website.

The Kenya National Examinations Council Knec was recently forced to retract and withdraw KCSE 2022 examiners’ invitation letters following a public outcry from various teachers who implored upon the council to reconsider and extend the reporting dates.

Following the posting of Knec Examiners’ marking invitation letters, some teachers raised eyebrows on the fact that some key factors had been ignored when setting the date for examiners to report.

On Thursday, most teachers could not download their invitation letters.

“The letter is unavailable at the moment, kindly check later. Copyright 2022. Kenya national examinations council,” a pop-up on the website reads.

A Knec official directed the teachers to check the portal on Friday.

“All the examiners’ letters recalled by Knec. If you had downloaded please redo it again tomorrow,” the official told teachers on their Whatsapp platform.

The recalling of the letters is due to the fact that some teachers are currently administering KCSE examinations that will end on December 23,2022. This therefore means that such teachers may not be able to report for marking if Knec maintains the December 18 and  December 21 reporting dates for chief examiners and assistant chief examiners

As KCSE students sit theory papers on the fourth day, teachers have already received reporting dates to mark KCSE.

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For instance, team leaders for English Papers 3 are expected to report on December 21, 2022.

Examiners will then report on December 31, 2022.

“Normally we use 5-6 days to coordinate a marking scheme, why should we be given 11 days?” a teacher who sought anonymity said.

The teachers now say the earliest they knew they would report for marking is December 27,2022.

Mathematics assistant chief examiners will report on December 18, 2022.

Most teachers taking part in marking have chosen to take days off before the marking day.

“My school has exempted me from taking part in the administration of exam because by the time they finish I’ll be expected to report for marking,” another teacher told the Star.

The officials contracted by Knec to oversee the KCPE exam will be paid between Sh695 and Sh405 each day.

The officials include centre managers (principals and head teachers), supervisors, invigilators, and security personnel.

Centre managers will take home Sh2,000, supervisors Sh2,485, invigilators Sh1,615, security officers Sh 1,050, and drivers Sh1,040. The rates are per day.

KCSE supervisors in Nairobi and Mombasa will take home Sh695 while those in other regions get Sh630 a day.



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