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Knec Examiners Pay Day 2021 Revealed: CS Magoha Unveils Reasons for the Delayed Payment of KCPE/KCSE 2020-2021 Examiners


Knec Examiners Pay Day 2021: CS Magoha Unveils Reasons for the Delayed Payment of KCPE/KCSE 2020-2021 Examiners

CS Magoha Reveals Why KNEC Is Yet To Pay KCPE/KCSE 2020 Examiners


CS Magoha Reveals Why KNEC Is Yet To Pay KCPE/KCSE 2020 Examiners

A few days ago, there arose unfounded claims that the Kenya National Examinations Council, KNEC- Kenya (a body charged with the responsibility of overseeing KCPE, KCSE, among other national and international examinations) has finally released outstanding arrears of examiners, markers who assessed and ensured the timely release of the 2020 KCSE and KCPE national exams administered between March and May 2021.

This information has since played the role of a rubble rouser since the Ministry of education, MoE- Kenya Cabinet Secretary, prof. George Magoha, has today explained why examiners who participated in marking of KCPE and KCSE 2020 in April and May have not been paid their dues.

KNEC usually engages teachers and other contracted professionals in the administration and marking of national examinations and pays them a token for the services rendered.

Bomet Central member of parliament Hon. Ronald Tonui had sought to find out why the Kenya National Examinations Council is yet to pay teachers who marked KCSE 2020 examinations and when they will be paid.

While responding to Hon. Ronald Tonui’s question, CS Magoha cited that KNEC was allocated less grant to cater for KCPE/KCSE 2020.

He further stated that the reconciliation of the 2020 KCSE examiners script fees was completed and the total payable amount was Kes. 1,025,235,307 out of which Kes.251,251,200 was paid at the conclusion of the marking period between 4th and 7th May 2021.

Thus, the amount outstanding for the Knec 2020-2021 Examiners Stands at Kes.773,984,107.00 which will be cleared as soon as the Treasury releases the funds.

“For the FY 2020/2021, KNEC was allocated KCPE/KCSE grants of Kes.4,023,868,712 instead of the required Kes.4,588,244,200 at Kes.800 per candidate for KCPE and Kes.5,400 per candidate for KCSE. Consequently, KNEC was not unable to pay the teachers who were engaged during the marking of the 2020 KCSE examinations on time,” said CS Magoha.

Magoha assured parliament that the Ministry is engaging the National Treasury for the release of the outstanding funds to ensure that the outstanding arrears are paid as soon as possible to the markers.

In a bid to prevent the same delaying of payment in future, prof. Magoha advised that KNEC should verify the number of candidates immediately the registration exercise is concluded so that the deficit is factored in a Supplementary budget tabled and considered timely.

“To forestall a recurrence of such unpaid arrears in time for the next national examinations, KNEC has been directed to ascertain the number of candidates as soon as the registration process is concluded, in order for the Ministry to ensure that any shortfall is covered in the Supplementary budget tabled and considered by Parliament before the examinations begin in March 2022,” further said prof. Magoha.


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