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KNEC bids KCPE and KCSE Examiners For Marking Of 2021 National Exams in March-April 2022


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KNEC bids KCPE and KCSE Examiners For Marking Of 2021 National Exams

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KNEC bids KCPE and KCSE Examiners For Marking Of 2021 National Exams in March-April 2022

KNEC Invites KCPE and KCSE Examiners For Marking Of 2021 National Exams

The Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) has now Officially invited examiners for the marking of the 2021 national exams.


According to a memo from the Council, the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) examiners will be able to download their invitation letters as from 4th March, 2022 while Kenya Certificate Of Secondary Education (KCSE) examiners will access their invitation letters as from 14th March.


The examination body has further instructed the examiners to access KNEC contracted professionals website using the link https://examinersapp.knec.ac.ke and login using their username and password.




Those that have forgotten their passwords should click on the reset password button to enter their mobile numbers in the format(2547*********) and submit to receive new ones for logging into the system.




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2021 KCPE Examinations Kick Off Nationwide (Photos)

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Upon successful login,Examiners should complete their personal information and save.


Using the dashboard provided they can also access, download, print the invitation letters and marking instructions.




“Further instructions on acceptance and rejection of the marking offer are given in the invitation letter” stated KNEC.


For further details,Examiners should contact any of the following:


Telephone numbers: 0720 741003, 0732 333530,0775 471980, 0775,471997.




Telephone numbers: 0720 741003, 0732 333530, 0775 471980, 0775 471997;

Email addresses: sefa@knec.ac.ke and fa@knec.ac.ke.


The 2022 KCPE and KCSE Knec examiners will be competitively selected from all 8 regions and the 47 counties in Kenya.


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Qualified teachers are expected to apply for the available 42, 000 slots for KCSE examiners and 7, 000 slots for KCPE examiners this year before the given deadline via the https://examinersapp.knec.ac.ke/




The 2022-2023 KNEC Examiners vacancies will be competitively filled this year and only teachers who meet the minimum qualifications below will be granted access to apply.


Any teacher applying for the 2022 KNEC Examiners Vacancies for KCPE/ KCSE marking must


Be a Kenyan Citizen

Possess a valid national identification card.

Be TSC Registered

Not be on TSC interdiction for any indiscipline cases

Possess a valid KNEC registration Certificate for all examiners who have completed the KNEC training modules for all examiners.

Kindly note that only invited examiners only will be allowed to access the marking centers on the reporting dates indicated on the invitation letters.


Examiners who will not be able to access the examiners’ portal and download their invitation letters are therefore advised to keep off the marking venues since trying to access the marking centers is an errand of futility.




KNEC invites and selects examiners based on their performance during KNEC training. The top performers are given opportunities first since they are likely to deliver more credible results.




Given the throat-cutting competition for the limited Knec examiners’ vacancies, invited KCPE/ KCSE examiners are therefore advised to strictly adhere to the timelines indicated on the KNEC Examiners’ invitation letters 2022-2023.


The official reporting time is 2:00 P.M. for all KNEC examiners. Kindly note that the reporting dates differ from one KCSE script to the other since the papers have got different demands.


More demanding KCSE papers like English paper 3 Eng 101/3 require more time while marking since examiners have to peruse through at least three compositions per candidate. These examiners therefore will report to their designated marking centers a few days after the candidates sit for their last KCSE examination paper in early April.



Examiners who fail to turn up on the official reporting date and time indicated in the invitation letter will be disqualified.




Payment rates per day remain constant this year. Therefore 2022 KCPE and KCSE examiners will receive Kshs 150 per day for co-ordination of the marking schemes for the first few days.


The KNEC payment rates per script range from Kshs 51 to Kshs 77 depending on the length and demands of the paper.


English paper three examiners are the highest-paid Knec examiners in the latest KNEC examiners’ payment rates per paper 2020-2021.





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