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(Exclusive) KCSE 2021/2022 Examination Results now Available – How to check KCSE Results online 2022; Knec Issues New Procedure

KCSE results 2021-2022 through SMS and Knec online portal

(Exclusive) KCSE 2021/2022 Examination Results now Available – How to check KCSE Results online 2022; Knec Issues New Procedure

With the advance of technology, it is crystal clear that the 2021-2022 KCSE Results are just a click away.

Following the release of the 2021 KCSE Results at Mtihani House, all KCSE candidates can now comfortably access their examination results from the comfort of their house after Knec upgraded its portal and SMS code service.


Based on the easier accessibility of the 2021 KCPE Results in March,  we can conclusively and confidently affirm the fact that the Knec servers for getting KCSE national examination results were upgraded to the latest version.

Initially, candidates could wait for up to 12 hours before accessing their KCSE Results.

In this write-up, we provide the new simplified way through which KCSE candidates can get their results instantly. 

KCSE results 2021-2022 through SMS and Knec online portal

Do you know how to check the released KCSE Exam Results via SMS/Online? How to download the Result Slip for the whole School from the KNEC Portal Login – www.knec-portal.ac.ke? Get to know all of that below.

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Check KCSE Results
The Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) set and maintain examinations standards, they develop examination policies, procedures, and regulations, etc.

How to Check KCSE Results via SMS

KCSE Results 2022 results can be received by sending an SMS with your Index Number to 20076 for Safaricom, Airtel and Telkom networks. Due to the high number of requests being made at that particular time, the feedback may take a few minutes to arrive.

How to Check KCSE Results online via KNEC Login Portal
Principals and school heads can download and print the results from the KNEC portal and website by following this link, Search your KCSE Results – HERE

Visit the official KNEC schools’ portal – www.knec-portal.ac.ke
To login to the KNEC portal, Insert the User Name and Password which you used during the KCSE Registration.
Once inside the portal, you will see several boxes. First, under the box labelled ‘FROM INDEX’, input the index number of the first candidate and in the box labelled ‘TO INDEX NUMBER’ input the last candidate’s index number. Click on ‘VIEW REPORT’.
When all the slips are loaded, click on the menu labelled ‘EXPORT’.
Select the format you would like to export the KCSE Result Slips e.g. ‘WORD’ or ‘PDF’ formats.
The KCSE Result slips will be downloaded to offline storage on your computer.
You can then print the downloaded result slips.
How to download the Result Slip
To download the exams results slip, navigate to the Download Hub Portal – https://www.knec.ac.ke/download-hub/
Click on the Examination Results precisely,
Then Download.


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