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How to choose or change your NHIF Outpatient Facility via NHIF USSD Code 155

How to Register for NHIF Services


How to choose or change your NHIF Outpatient Facility via NHIF USSD Code 155

How to Register for NHIF Services

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The National Hospital Insurance Fund, NHIF is a government parastatal offering both outpatient and inpatient medical care to members and their beneficiaries.

It attracts members from both the formal (mandatory) and informal (optional) sectors.

How to register for NHIF Services

NHIF Registration fee and requirements

To register for NHIF, one needs the following:

A mandatory registration fee of Kshs 1, 5000

A valid National identification card or passport

You must physically present yourself at any NHIF branch office for the officials to take your passport.


In case you have dependents:

A spouse: you have to present a copy of a valid marriage certificate or marriage agreement signed by both of you.

This can be obtained from the Commissioner of Oaths office at a negotiable fee (At least Kshs 1, 500). A copy of your spouse’s national identity card or

Children (Below the age of 18): Birth certificate copy or copies depending on the number of children.

To register for NHIF services, you just need to fill a registration form available at any NHIF offices across Kenya.


NHIF In-Patient services

Kindly note that NHIF members and their registered dependents can access inpatient medical services at any NHIF accredited facility.


How to select or choose your NHIF Outpatient facility

Kindly note that not all hospitals in Kenya do accept NHIF cards. There is a list of selected hospitals available at any NHIF branch office. Their Codes are also available in NHIF offices.

In the wake of coronavirus in Kenya, NHIF has allowed members to change choose new, confirm existing or change preferred outpatient


The deadline for changing NHIF outpatient facility has been extended to May 15, 2020.

NHIF USSD Code *155#

STEP 1: Dial *155#

STEP 2: Select your language-English or Kiswahili

STEP 3: Enter your national identity number, ID number

STEP 4: Select the service you would like to access from the list provided then follow the instructions given to complete the process.






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