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How 2022 KCPE Candidates Can Check Form One Selection in January 2023

How 2022 KCPE Candidates Can Check Form One Selection in January 2023

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How 2022 KCPE Candidates Can Check Form One Selection in January 2023

KPSEA Results out Today on January 16, 2023

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The just-concluded form one selection exercise will determine which secondary schools the 2022 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCPE) candidates will join on January 30, 2023.

How to receive 2022, 2023 Form One Selection Results via SMS Code 22263 (See selection criteria and how to download admission letters)

The 2023 form one selection exercise for KCPE 2022 candidates has been completed. The results have also been released today by CS Ezekiel Machogu.

You can now get form one selection results through the SMS Code 22263 from any network.

The KCPE 2022 candidates have been placed in National, Extra County, County and Sub County Secondary schools.

It is important to note that the form one selection process is fully automated. Therefore, the results are final though learners can apply for transfer later.

Form One Pre-Selection Placement 2023

KCPE candidates who had applied for pre-selection to the following schools: Starehe Boys; Starehe Girls; Moi Forces Academy Nairobi; Moi Forces Lanet, Utumishi Academy, Utumishi girls, and Moi Tea Girls had their names submitted to the Education Ministry in time and captured in the computer system to avoid double selection.

Starehe schools had already selected 100% of their capacities while the Forces schools 80% before the start of the January 2023 form one selection exercise.

The remaining 20% in the Forces schools was filled by the Ministry during the main selection. Moi Tea Girls also pre-selected 40 % while the remaining 60% was filled in the main MOE selection.

List: Form One Selection 2023 per Category

  1. Pre-selected schools=7
  2. National schools=112
  3. Extra-county schools=776
  4. County=1, 301
  5. Sub-county=6,297
  6. Private Schools=1,301
  7. Public boarding secondary schools=1,803
  8. Private boarding secondary schools=479
  9. Public day secondary schools=5,029
  10. Private day secondary schools=432
  11. Mixed-day and boarding public secondary schools=2,245
  12. Mixed-day and boarding private secondary schools=390

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Inmates, overage candidates, and those in refugee camps will not be placed in secondary schools.

Pre-Selection for Special Needs Schools

Candidates with hearing and visual impairments will be pre-selected for special or integrated secondary schools which cater to their respective disabilities.

Computation of Quotas and selection:

In order to ensure equity in form 1 selection, available places are shared out using a formula that computes quotas for each sub-county.

Computation of Quotas is applied based on sub-county candidature. In 2021 the capacity for each school will be computed on the basis of 48 (forty-eight) students per stream for national, extra county, and county schools while sub-county schools may accommodate 50 students.

Candidates with special education needs will be considered for selection to special or integrated secondary schools depending on their choice, merit, and disability/need.

Candidates with special needs who will have chosen regular schools will be given priority in the selection per category of choice.

National School selection.

The slots in national schools are shared among all sub-counties in the country with a candidature ratio of public to private of 50: 50.

The following formula is applied for the computation of sub-county quotas for the candidates to be admitted to a national school:

Sub-county Quota=Sub-county KCPE Candidature of a given gender/ National KCPE Candidature of given gender X Available Vacancies in the National School

When a Sub-county misses a slot due to low candidature, affirmative action will be applied.



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