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FemiVoice:Top 10 Disgusting Habits That Men Have, Could Yours Be Among Them?

FemiVoice:Top 10 Disgusting Habits That Men Have, Could Yours Be Among Them? Image Credits

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FemiVoice: Top 10 Disgusting Habits that Men Have, Could yours be among them?

Last time I wrote an article on “5 reasons why your man will always cheat o  you.” If you liked it, then this one will obviously intrigue you.

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There is this adage that has obviously outlived its usefulness- let men be men.

I am usually amused each time I hear men using it to justify their ill manners.

When you hear your man say that “I am a man,” he is outrightly justifying his misdemeanour.

This article seeks to take you through some of the top 10 disgusting habits that men have which they usually justify through their chauvinistic assertions that make them seem like demigods or so.


1. Scratching their crouch in public

Many a time, you will spot a man busy scratching his pubic hair in public as if there are no people surrounding him. This is a very irritating habit that men should shun since it makes them appear dirty and unkempt.

If the hair is too long, man get a gillete. It only goes for Kshs 25. Better still, go for a razor blade and clear those elongated strands that are causing you unnecessary discormfort!

2. Touching their private parts in public

I am yet to understand where men get the audacity to do this. Thinking of it, my guess could be true. Could it be the “too tight” innerwear? One of the key things that you should consider when choosing a pair of boxers is the flexibility to accomodate you. Therefore, if you are the type who go for the cheapest boxers made of the worst material ever, then you might beforced to keep on adjusting your trouser, an action which might be misconstrued.

3. Pulling their mucus

Some men do not have the slightest idea of the need to buy a handkerchief. We all know that any gentleman must always have a clean, ironed, neatly folded handkerchief with him.

Therefore, my appeal to our male counter-parts is to appreciate the need to promote hawkers. A handkerchief goes for Kshs 50. So why keep on pulling your mucus as if you are sniffing tobacco?

4. Urinating in public

I know that you can bear me witness when it comes to this. Men will always find pleasure in “discovering the world around them” but in the wrong way.

In fact, they like going for “forbidden” areas despite the writings on the wall “Usikojoe hapa.”

5. Snoring like an overfed frog

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This is characteristic of too fat men. There is nothing as disturbing as a man who snores, since his partner cannot simply find some sleep especially if he retires to bed earlier.

He will keep on “roaring” or “buzzing” for the better part of the night. So if you have this habit, kindly visit the doctor for further instructions.

6. Taking a bath once in a blue moon

Have you ever tasted the stench similar to that of rotting foliage emanating from the armpits of a dirty man?

If you have never, then count yourself lucky since the stench can send you whooping for hours on end. Better still, it can halt your normal breathing process for a day.

My advice to such men is very simple, you do not have to take a “full bath.” No, make it shorter by spot bathing.

7. Rewinding socks

What is so difficult with getting at least five pairs of socks?

A pair goes for only Kshs 50, so stop suffocating people with your ‘sewage processing’ feet!

8. Entering the house without removing shoes

Men are naturally insensitive. They do not give a hoot whether someone has broken his or her back trying to put the house in order.

So please before you drag your dirty feet on someone’s sparkling clean tiles, think twice.

9. Placing their stinking socks on the dining table

Do you understand the definition of the term dining? I thought the definition was quite simple; dining for eating.

It is therefore absurd that you want to justify your egoistic habits by seeking unnecessary “comfort.”

10. Stroking their extended bellies in public

There is no honour in showcasing your large belly.

In fact, if you think you are affluent just because you look like a nine months pregnant woman, then it is time you had an appointment with a gym Attendant.

You need to shed those rolls and rolls of fat before you collapse in the act.

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