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FemiVoice: Is Your Man Leaving You For Another?Here is a list of a few things that you might have done wrong

Things that men detest most in any relationship


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FemiVoice: Is Your Man Leaving You For Another?Here is a list of things that you might have done wrong

Things that men hate most in a relationship

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I know that your mind is racing and you are breathing fire when you remember all the things you did for him.

You simply cannot comprehend what you did wrong.

The relationship seemed so perfect, something close to magical. You were more of the famous Sleeping Beauty and he was your Prince whose magical kiss came to startle you from your stupor.

Then out of the blues, he simply withdrew and begun ”grazing” elsewhere.

You simply dismissed the idea, pushed the divorce or separation into your unconscious and blamed it all on Money, interference emanating from your in-laws and so on but did you ever stop to think about those little things you might have failed to do to make it work?

Today, FemiVoice will take you through the things that men hate/detest most in any relationship, if you ever want to turn over a new leaf.

Things that men hate most in a relationship

  1. Failure to compliment him

You see, just like women, men also do crave for attention and compliments. Even though some guys pretend to be doing well whether you recognize them or not, they do need your full attention.

You should throw that positive remark and recognize how good looking he is all the time.

Take note of his newest suit that everyone in town is talking about. Yes, men do need you to notice how the edge of their biceps perfect grips their biceps.

You do not have to say it, just stare at them and get dazed for a moment or so like one who is seeing her prince Charming for the first time.

  1. Picking on his wrongs

Arte you the type who will always remind a man of his failures over and over again? If you  fall into this category, then this could be the reason as to why he just decided to move on. After all, who would like to be around a conniving bitch who will always bring him down and remind him of how much he has failed to either protect or provide for the family?

Just like women, men need a gentle, forgiving heart. A heart that simply recognizes that they are only human hence bound to make mistakes.

Therefore, you do not have to parrot about his bastards whom he is never in touch with or sidechicks whom he stopped seeing recently.

3. Being too “lazy”

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Do you spend ninety per cent of your time in bed snoring and croaking like an overfed toad or are you the type who whimper like an anaconda which has swallowed a bull?

If you do belong to these two groups then your marriage is obviously headed for doom.

You need to be more agile when it comes to bedroom matters.

Initiate sex most of the times and take charge. If you just sleep there motionless every guy will be bored to the bone whenever they imagine that they are coming to spend the whole night next to a piece of log.

4. Shouting

No matter how agitated you are, try to keep calm and control your temper mentioned.

No man will think of spending a life time leave alone spending a single night with an outright bone shaker.

Those of us who have read Edwin Waiyaki’s poem “The Woman I Married” know better.

5. Being overdressed while going to bed

If you ever pay attention to Ed Sheeran’s lyrics he mentions curves and edeges.

Therefore, for a man to give his all, you have to showcase what your mama gave you especially while going to bed.

Do not turn up dressed like you are an astronaut going to the moon.

When will he ever see the curves and the edges? Is it when the light has been switched off?

6. Going to bed without taking a shower

Lastly, do not go to bed while stinking like a pigsty.

Any sane woman is likely to remember about the unfinished business that she has with her man.

So please, my dear, stop carrying that “rotting foliage” in the name of a body to bed for your man to inhale.

Shave thay overgrown hair under your armpit that is capable of suffocating your husband!

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