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End of TSC Delocalization? New Education CS Ezekiel Machogu to Trash Delocalization of Teachers, Replace it with Nationalization


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End of TSC Delocalization? New Education CS Ezekiel Machogu to Trash Delocalization of Teachers, Replace it with Nationalization

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Machogu To Scrap TSC's Delocalization Policy, Replace it With Nationalization

TSC latest news today now show that the contentious TSC delocalization policy that has left many teachers’ families bleeding may not survive the new CS Ezekiel Machogu’s axe.

According to the newly appointed CS Education, the TSC Delocalization policy should be abolished immediately and rebranded nationalization to encourage teachers work in far flung hardship areas to achieve balancing. Read the full details below.

Machogu To Scrap TSC’s Delocalization Policy, Replace it With Nationalization


Education docket cabinet nominee Ezekiel Machogu has promised to scrap the Teachers Service Commission’s (TSC) delocalization policy.


Machogu says he will replace it with a new plan called nationalization, which will encourage teachers to work in hard-hit areas on their own initiative.


Many teachers who have been forced to work away from their families have been chastised by delocalization.



Machogu says delocalization does not put teachers’ circumstances into account but nationalization will.


“We will not do what is being done under delocalization,” Machogu stated.


If a teacher is worth keeping in a particular location, he says his docket will provide incentives for them to do so.



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“This will be my first assignment to implement nationalization. Under delocalization, they did not consider teachers’ circumstances. Under the new plan, where we find a teacher worth to remain in a given place, there shall be incentives for them to remain there. We shall not do what is being being done under delocalization,” said Machogu.


The Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) and Kenya Union of Post-Primary Education Teachers (KUPPET) have been opposing the delocalization exercise and believe it should be carried out in a humane manner.


According to TSC boss Nancy Macharia, the transfer is intended to provide classroom teachers with a new working environment while also utilizing their vast experience.


She stated that this help to reduce ethnicity, which she describes as a “cancer” in the country because teachers shape the country’s future.



“Delocalisation is simply a transfer; we want to ensure that teachers do not teach in their locality for their entire teaching life but are exposed to other cultures,” Dr. Macharia said.


The TSC delocalization has always been a source of contention between the teachers’ employer and the teachers’ unions, which saw emotional politician Wilson Sossion quit KNUT.

Here are some of the Comments by affected teachers

I’m a victim of this bad rushed policy,my family is suffering! It has kept me away from my family! It is the worst policy.KNUT is lame duck on this



It looks like the policy on delocalization is not good. if senior government officials have discovered that it was a wrong policy then the proponent of the policy must be forced to RESIGN for the deaths there after



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  1. meshach mativo says

    After the announcement of the end of delocalization why are teachers transfers cancelled?

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