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Education Ministry to give learners smartphones and airtime to enhance e-learning

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Education Ministry to give learners smartphones and airtime to enhance e-learning

The Kenyan Government is taking into consideration some of the immediate measures aimed at boosting homeschooling one of them being providing learners with smartphones and airtime amidst coronavirus pandemic.

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According to a draft report by the Ministry of Education emergency response committee, providing all learners with airtime and phones is the key to enhancing homeschooling.

Another proposal meant to enhance homeschooling includes collaborating with mobile phone companies for enhanced internet connectivity.

The report dubbed Kenya Basic Education Sector Covid-19 Emergency Response Plan is dated April 19, 2020.

Besides, the government plans to establish toll-free call centers as part of the feedback relay mechanism.

These proposals and initiatives will be rolled out during and after the coronavirus pandemic that has affected the 2020 academic calendar.

Digital books

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MOE will also support teachers, guardians, and parents by providing digital books and distributing learning materials for the poor, vulnerable, and marginalized households in Kenya.

MOE has already put up measures to facilitate learning amidst the pandemic by enhancing curriculum delivery through KBC, Kenya Education Cloud, and YouTube.


Due to the indispensable role played by the KICD, MOE has decided to revamp the institute through enhanced equipment and capacity building.

The report proposes the provision of radios and televisions to all schools besides providing textbooks and study guides to learners from marginalized regions.

The Ministry of Education has already mapped out areas that require emergency response and plans are underway.

To implement this plan, the MOE needs Kshs 15 million and some Kshs 1.5 billion to improve educational media hence minimize learning interruptions during and after the pandemic.



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