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Did China Purpose to Profiteer From the Corona Global Pandemic?

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Is china profiteering from the corona world pandemic?

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Did it create the pandemic to gain economic leverage against the world superpower- the USA?

It is a fact that the covid 19 pandemic originated from Wuhan in China. Of course the country has had its fair share of suffering from the ravages of the pandemic but it seems that the country has been able to control the scourge successfully. China appears to have already recovered. According to WION media, it is intriguing that despite the fact that Wuhan in China was the epicenter of the virus, the Chinese government was able to control the spread very effectively. It is on record that the top cities in China like Beijing for example only recorded a paltry 569 corona cases with only  8 fatalities. Similarly, Shangai another top city recorded a figure of 468 infections with 5 deaths. This was quite a feat considering the large populations in these two cities. Beijing has a population of 21.5 million while Shangai has around 24 million according to https://www.macrotrends.net>cities 2019. It should not get lost to the world that this virus has been spreading fast even to the remotest villages of the world and that even countries with sophisticated medical healthcare systems and immense wealth have been struggling to curb the spread with others like Italy recording the highest number of fatalities in thousands!

Business as usual in china-A recovered country!

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It has been revealed from research that the Chinese are up and about with their day-to-day activities. Businesses that had stalled are getting jam started with the government’s help. A relief package of about 344 US billion dollars has already been availed to revive the economy. Boarders have been closed but businesses are getting opened and the already existing factories are being encouraged to start manufacturing the virus-fighting supplies, pieces of equipment, gloves, masks and even ventilators. Isn’t it funny that the country that has put the rest of the world in the ICU is the same country that is now selling them the supplies to combat the pandemic?  Chinese local companies like the Dawn polymer is producing tonnes and tonnes of the fabric used in the manufacture of masks and other related virus combating equipment! This brings to the fore the book that was written in 1999 by Chinese nationals entitled Unrestricted warfare, China’s Master Plan to Destroy America. The book acknowledges the fact that China may not be able to destroy America through military prowess but they have a chance of gaining economic leverage over America with the aim of leaving the superpower behind. Could this pandemic be just creating this reality? Time will tell.


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