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Citizen TV’s “Single Dad” Drama Synopsis, Production, Official Release Date, Full Episode Summaries, and Cast

Citizen TV's "Single Dad" Drama Synopsis, Production, Official Release Date, Full Episode Summaries, and Cast

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Citizen TV’s “Single Dad” Drama Synopsis, Production, Official Release Date, Full Episode Summaries, and Cast

Citizen TV's "Single Dad" Drama Synopsis, Production, Official Release Date, Full Episode Summaries, and Cast


Wondering what the newly introduced tv drama dubbed Single Dad currently being aired by Citizen Television is all about?

In this article, we shall take you through Single Dad’s synopsis, full cast, and episode Summaries to help you get a glimpse of what to expect as you tune in to the program at exactly 8:00 P.M. every Monday to Sunday.

Single Dad replaced the just concluded TV Drama Series Ringo. In case you would like to refresh your memory of Ringo, click on the following link to go through its cast and full episodes

Soltero Con Hijas (Single Dad) Synopsis

Single Dad is a captivating Telenovela of Mexican origin known as Soltero Con Hijas. It is currently being aired by a leading television Station, Citizen TV in Kenya.

The soap opera depicts the life of Nicholas, Nico, a role played by Gabriel Soto the main character. He is a bachelor who does not love any commitments. He loves messing around with women. As fate would have it, his sister dies in a grizzly road accident. She begs him to take care of his three orphaned nieces.

Overwhelmed, Nico is in dire need of help. In his desperation, he reaches out to Victoria, his neighbor, and a psychiatrist with whom he falls in love with later.

Single Dad’s plot is developed by the numerous attempts by Victoria’s father to separate the two love birds. Besides Victoria’s dad, Nico and Victoria have to deal with the intrigues of their great rivals Masha and Rodrigo respectively.

Masha, a beautiful Russian has a thing for both Nico and  Rodrigo qualifying her as Victoria’s greatest rival while Rodrigo who reunites with Victoria his ex-lover will try winning her back hence becoming Nico’s greatest competitor in love.

Although Nicolas and Victoria are a world apart, life will surprise them for they will end up forming a beautiful family with Cristina’s orphaned daughters Camilla, Alexa, and Sofi.

Single Dad is a family melodrama and comedy which provides a perfect setting for love conflicts, relationship issues, dark secrets, social class difference, dreams, and ambitions.


Soltero Con Hijas (Single Dad) Production

The TV series was originally acted and produced in Spanish given its Mexican roots. It was later translated into other languages including English.

The production team includes Juan Osorio (executive producer), Ignacio Ortiz & Roy Rojas (producers), Aurelio Avila & Gabriel Soto (directors) and Santiago Pineda, Hugo Moreno and Pabl Ferrerwriters).


Soltero Con Hijas (Single Dad) Realease Date

The telenovela was officially released on October 28, 2019.


Soltero Con Hijas (Single Dad) Episodes

Single Dad has got eighty-seven, 87 episodes produced in season one.


Soltero Con Hijas (Single Dad) Cast: Characters, stage names, real names and roles

  Stage Name Real Name Character Role
1. Victoria Robles Vanessa Guzman A psychiatrist, Nico’s neighbor. Unlike him, Victoria’s greatest dream is to get married and start her own family. Unfortunately, her fiancé, Mauricio calls off the wedding and her dream of becoming a mother is thwarted by severe endometriosis.

She later fulfills this dream after meeting Nico’s nieces and becoming their surrogate mother.

She also falls in love with Nico and their love thrives in spite of the challenges.

Victoria finally succeeds in raising the family she has always dreamt of.

2. Nicolas Contreras, “Nico” Gabriel Soto Lead character. A bachelor who loves womanizing until he meets Victoria.

His motto is to die single but still be remembered. The thought of having a family and getting married has never crossed his mind. However, the death of his sister, Cristina forces him to take charge of his three nieces: Camila, Alexa, and Sofia.

He becomes a single dad overnight.

Nico is a public relations manager at a hotel based in Acapulo.

3. Rodrigo Montero Pablo Montero Victoria’s ex-lover who calls off their wedding. Hotel owner.
4. Gabriela Garcia Perez Mayrin Villanueva Hotel manager
5. Masha Simonova Irina Baeva She is searching for her father. An interesting beautiful Russian with an imposing personality who disguises her ambitious spinster bit that is obsessed with marriage.


She arrives in Acapulo to find her father and upon seeing Nico, she gets enchanted by his handsome looks.


She is Victoria’s great rival who can’t help falling for the men in Victoria’s life.

6. Efrain Robles Carlos Mata Victoria’s father. He tries to fight Victoria and Nico’s love.
7. Alondra Ruvalcaba Laura Flores Grandmother to the three girls.
8. Juan Diego Sebastian Poza Ileana’s son
9. Camila Paz Contreras Azul Guaita The oldest niece
10. Ileana Barrios Sanchez Laura Vignatti Victoria’s confidante, a single mother
11. Juventino Rene Strickler Nico’s best friend
12. Mauricio Mijares Mauricio Aspe Victoria’s ex-lover who called off the wedding.
13. Ursula Perez Maria Sorte Gabrielaand Domingo’s mother
14. Alexa Paz Contreras Ane Tena A character who is obsessed with finding her first love through social media
15. Sofia Paraz Contreras Charlotte Carter The youngest of Nico’s three nieces, dyslexic.
16. Hugo Montero Jason Romo Rodrigo’s son
17. Father Domingo Santiago Zenteno Gabriela’s brother
18. Robertino Rodriguez Jual Vidan A gang leader
19. Coral Palma del Mar Barbara Islas Hotel receptionist
20. Manuel Gomiz Lalo Palacios Hotel’s bellboy
21. Fabiru Mario Discua The doorman at Nicholas’ residence
22. Leona Lenteja Paty Diaz Social worker
23. Gustavo Ruy Gayton Juventino’s son
24. Samuel Del Pasco Mauricio Arriaga Juventino’s son
25. Natalia Monica Plehn Alexa’s friend
26. Paulette Paola Archer  
27. Tato Laureano Brizuela  
28. Jaiba Moises Zurman  
29. Camaron Eric Crum  
30. Adrian Marcelo Barcelo  
31. Barbara Yhoana Marell  
33. Nikolai Elvaut Richten  


Citizen TV’s Single Dad Episodes: full episode summaries (Episode 1-episode 87)

Single Dad-Episode 1

In episode 1, we are introduced to Nicolas, the lead character, a single man who is not ready to commit. We are also introduced to Victoria, another main character, a child psychiatrist whose dream is to become a mother and start a family.

The two meet at a bakery where Nicolas is looking for Sofia’s birthday cake. Sofia is his younger niece. Victoria on the other hand is looking for her bachelorette party’s cake.

In a moment of anger, Victoria and Ileana deflate Nicolas’ car tires since it hinders their exit. Nicolas finally arrives at the venue of the birthday party but alas! He has bought a cake with the wrong name and thematic piñata which his niece is not fond of.

His sister Cristina confronts him for being reckless and clueless.

Nicolas later organizes a party and invites his friend Juventino which leads to chaos after Juventino’s wife discovers about it.

The next morning, Nicolas meets Victoria again and for a moment, the chemistry between them is evidenced.

Unfortunately, Antonio suffers a heart attack along the Pie de la Cuesta road, Acapulo while driving alongside Cristina. The attack intensifies making him lose control of his car which tips over a curve.


Single Dad-Episode 2

At school, kids make fun of Sofia’s poor reading. The teacher gets angry at them. Camilla has a feeling that something is amiss. It is at this time that the teacher informs her about her sister, Sofia’s dyslexic state.

Antonio dies in Cristina’s arms. Camilla calls her parents but their phones are not going through.

Back at the apartment, Nico and Victoria are arguing senselessly. He later goes to the hotel and receives Ileana’s son whom Gabriella treats spitefully. That is when he gets a call about his sister’s accident.

Victoria tries on her wedding dresses animatedly but her fiancé Mauricio arrives to dim her spirits. He apologizes and informs her that they cannot marry.

Meanwhile, Nico arrives at the hospital where they confirm the death of his brother in law. He also learns that his sister’s health is delicate. She is barely hanging on to life.

The girls arrive, desperate, anxious to meet their parents. Later Nico and the girls say goodbye to Cristina on her deathbed. Cristina begs Nico to take care of their daughters and Nico promises to be a great father.





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