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Citizen TV’s Ringo Episodes: A complete summary of Ringo’s Episodes

Ringo: Full episode summaries (82 episodes)

Citizen TV’s Ringo Episodes: A complete summary of Ringo’s Episodes

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Citizen TV’s Ringo Episodes: A complete summary of Ringo’s Episodes

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Ringo: Full episode summaries (82 episodes)

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Originally written and produced in Spanish, Ringo is the latest Mexican Telenovela that has caught many love birds in a bottomless abyss of love with 90% of the audience being able to easily relate their life experiences with those of the characters.

It mainly centers on the real-life drama with themes such as love, betrayal, and family being given the limelight.

The telenovela is currently being aired by Citizen TV every day as from 8.00-9.00 P.M.

It stars Jose Ron and Maria Torres.


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Ringo full episodes

How many episodes does Ringo have?

In case you have been closely following Ringo on Citizen TV, then you realize that the telenovela is hardly halfway.

Ringo has got a total of 82 episodes.

Below is a summary of Ringo’s full episodes

Number of Episodes Summary/ Depiction
Episode one The telenovela opens with a flashback about Ringo’s humiliation in the ring. He lost the battle to his main rival in the ring, El Turco.

This loss steers Ringo off throwing him into unprecedented harsh economic times.

At the same time, he is supposed to fight for his son, Santi’s custody.

Things seem to look up for him when he accidentally bumps into Julia who sweeps him off his feet.

The episode is crowned by the introduction of another conflict, El Turco battling Gavilan until he ends up hospitalized.

Episode Two Gloria wants to see Santi, a thing that Ringo vehemently disagrees with given that she had abandoned him at a tender age to serve her selfish interests.

El Turco also returns to train at the Delta Boxing Club as Julia loses her office.

Episode Three Diego and Julia go separate ways after he realizes that she has eyes for Ringo too.

Brenda is unhappy that Ringo is slowly falling for her younger sister.

Episode Four Ringo confesses her heartfelt feelings to Julia. Ringo makes a come-back into the ring with his first competitor being Turco.
Episode Five Ringo fights for the first time since his retirement. Brenda seizes the opportunity to get closer to him by taking Santi to the fight. Unfortunately, the boy disappears,
Episode six The judge allows Gloria to have shared custody with Ringo. Santi is discontent since he loathes his mother.
Episode seven Ringo can no longer hold his feelings for Julia. This greatly disturbs Brenda as Diego threatens to break up with Julia if she continues flattering with Ringo.
Episode eight Julia is determined to bring down Llorente’s factory which has been harming residents.

Lit up by Julia’s plan, Llorente gives orders for Julia to be run over but Ringo rescues her.

Episode nine  Oso finds out that Rafael is his son.
Episode ten Ringo teaches Julia how to box.
Episode eleven Gloria kisses Ringo by force, something that Julia witnesses. Rosa is threatened by an anonymous person.
Episode twelve Santi’s custody trial gets complicated.
Episode thirteen Julia decides to call off her wedding to Diego.
Episode fourteen Turco, Diego, and Gloria set up a bait for Ringo which he, unfortunately, falls for. This costs him his custody to Santi.
Episode fifteen Gloria is given custody over Santiago.
Episode sixteen Ringo’s fight with Turco is suspended.
Episode seventeen Ringo confesses his love to Julia and promises to fight for her at whatever cost.
Episode eighteen Gloria spills the beans, tells Ringo about their plan to rob him of Santi’s custody.
Episode nineteen Julia agrees to marry Diego.
Episode twenty Diego threatens Gloria after discovering that she came back to look for Ringo.
Episode twenty one Gloria confesses that she drugged Ringo.

Brenda confuses Alejo with Ringo.

Episode twenty-two Julia is saved once more by Ringo. Diego gets worked up by their closeness and the compelling fate that seems to unite them.
Episode twenty-three Ringo battles Turco
Episode twenty-four Turco is declared winner, something that devastates Ringo.
Episode twenty-five Rosa confesses her love to El Oso
Episode twenty-six Oso and Wachin ruin Julia and Eva’splan.
Episode twenty-seven Rosa’s husband Ruben gets released from prison. He comes back for his wife.
Episode twenty-eight Brenda records a romantic video of Ringo and Julia dancing romantically. She threatens to show it to Diego.
Episode twenty-nine Julia kisses Ringo.
Episode thirty  Diego discovers that Ringo danced Julia. He decides to avenge the betrayal.
Episode thirty one Diego confesses to Julia that it is Brenda who burnt the house.
Episode thirty-two Ringo discovers his assailant.
Episode thirty-three Julia advises Ringo to take Turco’s place. He had left the production of a commercial.
Episode thirty-four Diego poisons Ivan.
Episode thirty-five In an attempt to save her marriage, Julia tells Ringo to work at the factory, so that they do not get to see each other.
Episode thirty-six Ringo tells Julia that she is fond of playing with his feelings in the name of love.
Episode thirty-seven Rosa intentionally allows her rival to win in the ring. Ringo tells Julia how wrong she was leaving him.
Episode thirty-eight Eva and Maximo kiss.
Episode thirty-nine Rafael confronts Alejo for sleeping with La Zorra.
Episode forty Oso organizes dinner for Rosa and her family to ask for her hand but she surprises everyone.
Episode forty one Armina presents herself with her son Turco.
Episode forty-two Diego thinks of how to convince Julia to forgive him for cheating on her.
Episode forty-three Guido Guevara agrees to train Ringo.
Episode forty-four Julia asks for a divorce from Diego.
Episode forty-five Gloria tricks Santi to get him to travel to the US with her.
Episode forty-six Ringo defeats Turco in the ring reclaiming his rightful position as champion.
Episode forty-seven Alejo and Brenda agree to get married.

Ringo, mistaken for a criminal gets arrested while trying to trace Santi.

Episode forty-eight Ringo finds out about Santiago’s whereabouts. He and Julia plan to go to the US to find him.
Episode forty-nine Diego burns Julia’s passport to prevent them from traveling together.
Episode fifty Ringo goes to the US and discovers about Turco’s whereabouts.
Episode fifty one Ringo finds Santi. They flee from Turco and return to Mexico.
Episode fifty-two Gloria abandons Turco and returns to Mexico
Episode fifty-three Ringo requests Julia that they spend the night together. They make love. Diego urges Brenda to kill Ringo.
Episode fifty-four Gloria asks Ringo for forgiveness.
Episode fifty-five Gloria confesses that she has never stopped loving Ringo and that they should get back together.
Episode fifty-six Brenda and Gloria plan to separate Ringo and Julia.
Episode fifty-seven Ringo and Julia spend the night together once more and make love. Diego is assaulted by Ringo.
Episode fifty-eight Turco discovers that Gloria is living in Ringo’s house and that she is planning to make away with his fortune.
Episode fifty-nine Diego shoots Ivan and he dies.
Episode sixty Ringo gets blamed for Ivan’s death.
Episode sixty one Julia confesses about spending the night with Ringo to save him.
Episode sixty-two Diego plans to implicate Ringo.
Episode sixty-three Julia fires Ringo convinced that he is responsible for the mess in her life.
Episode sixty-four Rosa finds a baby who Turco gets attached to but they boy vanishes.
Episode sixty-five Gloria loses Santi and Ringo blames Diego for it.
Episode sixty-six Julia doubts Ringo especially after discovering that he lives with Gloria.
Episode sixty-seven Julia decides to leave Ringo.
Episode sixty-eight Ringo gets a chance of competing internationally.
Episode sixty-nine Brenda is furious when everyone leaves her wedding.
Episode seventy Rosa is run over and ends up in surgery. Julia asks Diego for divorce.
Episode seventy one Rosa loses her memory
Episode seventy-two Alejo wins the fight against Rafael.
Episode seventy-three Julia apologizes to Ringo.
Episode seventy-four Julia and Ringo give their love a shot once more.
Episode seventy-five Santi wants his parents back together.
Episode seventy-six Rosa is told that she cannot be in the ring again.
Episode seventy-seven Ringo wants Julia to marry him.
Episode seventy-eight Oso looks for Rosa and encourages her not to bow to pressure.
Episode seventy-nine Manuel dies.
Episode eighty Brenda is found alive. Gloria is offered a proposal to transport drugs disguised in dolls.
Episode eighty one Julia receives a video implicating Diego in his father’s death. Gloria is arrested at the airport for drug trafficking.

Diego kills Bruno.

Episode eighty-two Diego is arrested, charged, and imprisoned. Ringo and Julia get married and agree to bring up Santi as Ringo is crowned the world champion.





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