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BOM Money Has Hit School Accounts, KESSHA Chair Kahi Indimuli Confirms; Education Breaking News


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BOM Money Has Hit School Accounts Again, KESSHA Chair Kahi Indimuli Confirms

In a nutshell;

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Speaking at a popular tv station-Citizen, the Kenya Secondary School Heads Association chair Kahi Indimuli confirmed that money meant for BOM Teachers’ Salaries has already hit school accounts.


It is now crystal clear that BoM teachers should be paid any time from now.

This piece of good news was confirmed by Kahi Indimuli the KESSHA Chair yesterday at a popular television station in Kenya.


List of BOM Teachers to be Paid Confidential

It is not however clear which BOM teachers will be paid since the ministry has kept the list confidential.

The new list contains names and TSC numbers of teachers whose employment status was confirmed after the sudden closure of schools to curb the spread of the novel Coronavirus.

This therefore means that not all the 40, 000 teachers will receive salaries from the ministry since some resigned after learning that the pandemic might persist.

Magoha Vindicated after Kahi Indimuli Confirms that BOM Money has been Received

The confirmation of the release of BoM money comes in handy to vindicate the CS education Professor George Magoha who has been subjected to a lot ofΒ  pressure following the delayed payment of BoM teachers’ salaries.

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Yesterday, his rather careless remarks angered netizens who felt that he was beingΒ  indifferent to the plight of the affected teachers.

β€œBOM teachers should now actually have been paid. The Cabinet and the government approved their payment over six weeks ago and that position has not changed. So let us not waste so much energy discussing issues,” said Magoha.

This statement caused an uproar especially after it came out clearly from social media posts that BOM teachers have not been paid.

CS Magoha and Education CAS Zack Kinuthia’s Contradicting Remarks over the delayed payment of BOM teachers’ salaries

The issue of the delayed payment of teachers has poked holes in the leadership of the ministry of education.

Last week Wednesday, the chief administrative secretary Zack Kinuthia assured teachers that their payment was to be done as soon as possible.

He said, β€œThis is a promise from the office of the CAS through consultation that the money is safely on transit to their bank accounts. It will happen whether it is today, tomorrow or Friday.”

However, contrary to his promise, our dedicated media team has established that these teachers are yet to be paid.

Young Parliamentarians Association Promises a nationwide mass demonstration over delayed payment of BOM teachers’ salaries

Babu Owino had earlier promised to organize a nationwide mass demonstration starting this week to push the government to fast track payment of BOM teachers.

β€œFailure to pay BOM Teachers as soon as possible will lead to a Peaceful Nationwide demonstration that is better imagined than experienced. I will personally lead the mother and father of all demonstrations and all roads will be blocked on a daily basis, said Babu Owino in a statement.



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