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May 2022 TSC List of Teacher Transfers, Letters, Reporting Dates  per County and Region; TSC Dispatches Transfer Letters for the following Categories of Teachers in 2022

April 2022 TSC List of Teacher Transfers, Letters, Reporting Dates  per County and Region; TSC Dispatches Transfer Letters for the following Categories of Teachers in 2022

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April 2022 TSC List of Teacher Transfers, Letters, Reporting Dates  per County and Region; TSC Dispatches Transfer Letters for the following Categories of Teachers in 2022
Now that the KCPE/ KCSE exams are over, the affected teachers will smoothly transfer from their current work stations to the new ones indicated on the transfer letters without any form of disturbance.


As indicated earlier, all TSC teachers affected by the April 2022 transfers should collect their letters by Mid-April from their respective schools or sub-county offices so that they can plan themselves to report to the new work stations by April 27, 2022. 


The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) will effect transfer requests for thousands of teachers in April 2022 after conclusion of national examinations.

The transfer letters for both classroom teachers and school administrators will be available at the TSC sub county offices country wide.

However school Headteachers and Principals will be incharge of collecting and issuing transfer letters to their respective teachers in schools.

Before that happens we want to let you know how TSC transfers are applied, sorted and approved, the terms related to TSC online transfers and the reasons that can make you get an inter county transfer.

TSC moved application for transfers to an online platform. Since then all applications for transfers must be done online.

Through a circular by the Commission’s chief executive, Dr. Nancy Macharia, said this is part of its 2019 – 2023 strategic plan aimed to automate and ease service delivery.

To apply for a transfer click Teacher Online Transfer Application Portal where you will be required to enter your TSC number, ID number and Mobile phone number then click ‘Login’.

A validation code will be sent to your registered mobile number. Enter the code sent your mobile phone and click ‘Login’.

Kindly note if you are not getting the code in your phone number know that is not the registered phone number. If this happens you are advised to consult your County TSC ICT officer for mobile number correction.

Once you click ‘Login’ the system detects whether the teacher is in a primary or post primary institution.

Click ‘Submit a Request for Transfer’ to proceed. After entering all the details and checking the declaration box and clicking ‘OK’ the system will display the teachers current station and the requested one.

If a teacher is requesting a transfer due to insecurity and/or medical grounds, the are required to attach supporting documents by clicking ‘File Attachment(s)’ button for the attachment.

The teacher can also edit, withdraw or print the transfer request.

Once the application has been submitted by filling the requisite areas, the application then proceeds to the Head of Institution by sending a notification to their official TSC emails.

The Head of Institution can also access the portal through the link sent in the email or directly through the link Teacher Online Transfer Application Portal.Once they access the portal, Heads of Institutions are required to indicate and submit their remarks.

If the transfer is within the county, it then escalates to the Sub County Director and County Director respectively.

However if it is a request to be transferred outside the County, it proceeds to the County Director and then to the Staffing Directorate at the TSC Headquarters.

Applicants receive the following feedback through display of transfer status.

Pending: This is displayed once the teacher’s application is successfully delivered awaiting remarks from respective supervisors.

Acknowledged: This is displayed if the teacher is eligible for transfer and awaiting the availability of vacancy and or the teacher’s suitable replacement.

Not Approved: This is same as when the teacher’s request is regretted. This is applicable if the teacher has not met conditions set as per the transfer policy for example having not served in the current station for a period of not less than five years since first appointment, lack of suitable replacement or vacancy.

Approved: This is displayed after the transfer committee approves the teachers transfer request. The teachers transfer letter is then issued through the Principal in the case of post primary institutions and through the County Director in the case of primary school.

NOTE: The policy on transfer of teachers is always subject to availability of a replacement as per the Curriculum Based Establishment for secondary schools and staffing norms for primary schools.

A teacher in primary school can be transferred within the county while teachers in secondary schools can be moved to any county.

You can read more on this on TSC Code of Regulations for Teachers (2015) on transfer on other requirements Clause 64.

If you find problem applying for TSC transfer online below is a step by step guide with pictures on how to go about it.



1.1 Teacher portal

System access

Go to tsc website www.tsc.go.ke and click online services and select Teacher Transfer.

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