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Telling it as it is: Facts on Teachers Promotions and Pay Rise as Put Across by the TSC

Facts about promotions and pay rise as announced by the TSC CEO – Dr. Nancy Macharia


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Facts about promotions and pay rise as announced by the TSC CEO – Dr. Nancy Macharia

The Teachers Service Commission has set aside at least 7 billion Kenya shillings for promoting teachers this July.

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All teachers who were at grade B5 as at July 2017 and are strictly under the Career Progression Guidelines will move to C1

Teachers in C1 will move to C2 and C2 to C3

In order for this promotion to take place, these teachers must be serving under the Career Progression Guidelines strictly and not the Schemes Of Service.

Their secondary counterparts will be promoted as illustrated below:

C1 to c2 for diploma holders (Secondary school teacher 2)

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C2 to C3 ( Degree holders secondary school teacher1)

It is important to note that the C4 and above will move as per their present grades having undergone through interviews.

What happens to KNUT members who are serving under the Scheme of Service Modality?

These teachers may have to wait a little bit longer until such a time when the TSC will advertise the Teacher Proficiency Course for their promotion as stipulated in the Schemes of Service. This necessitates that these teachers be promoted based on the existing vacancies. This is a great departure from the Career Progression Guidelines that automatically guarantees the mass promotion of teachers who are at a common level/grade.

In summary, this communique from the TSC boss reveals that all those teachers using TPAD and are therefore under Career Progression Guidelines are likely to benefit quickly from such automatic promotions and pay rises.

Below is a list of the new grades matched with the previous job groups for easier interpretation: SECONDARY SCHOOL

  1. Secondary Teacher 2( T-scale 6) C1=J
  2. Secondary Teacher 2(T-scale 7) C2=k
  3. Secondary Teacher( T-scale 8) C3=L
  4. Senior Master 4( T –scale 9) C4 =M
  5. Senior Master 3 (T-scale 10) C5=N
  6. Senior Master2 (T-scale 11) D1=P
  7. Senior Master1 ( T-scale12) D2=Q
  8. Deputy Principal 3 ( T-scale11) D1=P
  9. Deputy Principal 2 (T-scale 12) D2=Q
  10. Deputy Principal 1 (T-scale 13) D3=R
  11. Principal (T-scale 13) D3=R



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