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TSC Unfolds new criteria & Parameters used to promote teachers in 2021/2022; check out the list of promoted teachers per County and TSC Promotion Letters 2021

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TSC Unfolds new criteria & Parameters used to promote teachers in 2021/2022; check out the list of promoted teachers per County and TSC Promotion Letters 2021/2022

TSC Promotions 2021 Complete; Processing of 2021 TSC Promotions Results for The Teachers Fully completed (Promotion Letters to be dispatched in May

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 Latest TSC news on Teacher promotions, appointments, and deployments 2021/2022

The teachers’ mandated employer, Teachers Service Commission, TSC has finally released the criteria used in upgrading the 16, 152 teachers to higher job groups (grades) in 2021/2022.
The full lists of promoted teachers in 2022 and promotion letters indicating the teachers’ new Salaries and job descriptions are now available at designated TSC County Offices where the shortlisted teachers were interviewed in February 2021.


TSC Selection Criteria- Full List of Parameters used to Promote Teachers in 2021/2022

Latest revelations from the Teachers Service Commission indicate that successful applicants were not just handpicked or appointed for the sake of it.

A number of factors played a key role in providing a level ground for determining and finally coming up with the final list of promoted teachers this year besides academic and Professional qualifications.

According to the guidelines released by TSC, the following factors were used to influence the entire process of Selecting and Promoting teachers seeking higher grades above the common cadre in 2021/2022

1. Regional Balance

Since the Teachers Service Commission is expected to uphold the integrity and ensure equity and fairness on matters pertaining to Teacher Recruitments and Promotions, the 2021 Selection exercise is no exception.

Regional balance is definitely one of the factors used by the TSC Promotions Interview panels to pick successful candidates.

2. Gender Balance

Besides regional balance, the Commission employed the gender rule to avoid a scenario where we have more male school administrators in primary and secondary schools as opposed to females and vice versa.

This is a clever move by the Commission to avoid gender imbalance that may force it to reshuffle heads and other school administrators any time soon.

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3. Affirmative Action for Teachers in Arid and Semi-Arid Areas

Affirmative action for ASAL (Arid and Semi-Arid Lands) counties was also considered in picking teachers seeking TSC Promotions in 2021.

2021 TSC Promotions Equitably Distributed Across Regions

The Commission further noted that the 2021 TSC teachers’ promotions were equitably distributed across the 8 regions

Careeer Progression Guidelines, CPGs and TSC promotions 2021

TSC also says the Promotions are fully pegged on new Teachers’ Career progression guidelines that have been in place since 2017 under the current Collective Bargaining Agreement, CBA set to end in July 2021.

“All vacant positions are advertised and filled competitively. All teachers are given equal opportunities through interviews sessions.” TSC says.

TSC List of Promoted Teachers in 2021 Per County

A total of 16,152 teachers have  successfully been promoted following the recent interviews conducted by TSC Selection panels across the 8 regions.

Number of TSC promoted Teachers (2021) per County; TSC Promotion Lists Per County (2021)

As usual, Kiambu County takes the lead in the list of Counties with the highest number of promoted teachers after it recorded the highest number of shortlisted applicants which stands at 1,717.

Kisii County came in second with 1,673 applicants while Kakamega County recorded 1,488 shortlisted applicants.

To view the full list of promoted teachers in your county, kindly visit the designated offices.

Since this is a transparent and fair process, the list will be publicized for accountability and credibility purposes.


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