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KUCCPS 2021/2022 Inter-University Transfer Results online


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KUCCPS 2021/2022 Inter-University Transfer Results online

KUCCPS Declares Inter-Institutional Transfers for 2021/2022 Portal Open; Follow this Procedure to Change your Preferred University

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The 2021/2022 KUCCPS inter-university transfer results once released will allow KUCCPS applicants to join universities and colleges of their choice.

The KUCCPS inter-university transfer results are processed upon reception of KUCCPS applications for inter-university or inter-institution transfer. The application for KUCCPS inter-university transfer is initiated by the students concerned.

Kindly note that upon successful application for KUCCPS inter-university transfer, the applicant will be notified so that they can download their new admission letter and present it to the receiving institution for endorsement.

The portal for inter-institution applications will be open for one month; between May and June 2022.

  1. All applications for inter-institution transfers MUST be submitted online through the Student’s Portal (students.kuccps.net). The entire process is automated and printing the filled application form will no longer be necessary.
  2. Detailed guidelines for the IIT application are available on the portal.
  3. The IIT processing fee should be paid only after the applicant has completed the necessary steps in the application process following the instructions provided in the portal. Do not make any prior payment.
  4. Applicants are cautioned against sending money to any individual purporting to be in a position to assist them. The Placement Service does not require applicants to send money to any mobile phone numbers.
  5. The transfer processing fee shall be paid to the KUCCPS MPESA Pay Bill No.820201.
  6. Please read and follow all instructions provided.

2021/2022 Kuccps Inter-Institutions transfer process involves the following steps:

  1. The student initiates an online transfer application and submits it to the receiving institution.
  2. The receiving institution endorses the transfer applications received through their institution portal and submit.
  3. The releasing institution receives the application and clears the student(applicant) through their institutions portal and submits
  4. The endorsed application comes to the CEO, KUCCPS for approval where a transfer letter will be generated and accessed by the applicant and the two institutions involved.
  5. The applicant downloads the approved transfer letter and presents the same to the receiving institution for admission and joining instructions.

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KUCCPS Inter-University Transfer; 3 Valid Reasons

  1. Changing of programmes

This happens if one is not fully contented with the program they have been offered to do. Take an example you have been offered a medical course and in between, you get stuck in grasping some medical concepts and then realize that you can do better in business-related courses and your current school does not offer quite good business-related courses hence opting for a transfer.

2. High cost of living and tuition fee

If the cost of living in the school is too high and causing a financial strain on your resources then one can opt to do a transfer to a school where the costs are a bit lower. One may decide to transfer from a private university offering a programme at quite high charges to a public university to take the same program under lower charges.

3. The location is not ideal

Considering what opportunities you want to venture into one can decide to do an inter-university transfer. If one is hoping to secure a job after graduation then a university that is situated in and near towns is most ideal. In some cases, one may want to do some adventure and hence want a school far from home. All in all the security of the school location also may contribute to a transfer.


Kuccps Contacts

For further assistance, please contact the Placement Service through the numbers 020 5137400, 0723 954 927, and 0734 879 662. You may also email us at info@kuccps.ac.ke or visit our Facebook page The.Placement.Service and Twitter Handle @KUCCPS_Official.

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